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  • Obeah Gal (A Jamaican Story)
    1.4K 162 8

    They called her "Obeah Gal", although they had no hard and fast evidence to prove their accusation. No oddities like bones and bird feathers, or bottles or perhaps a skeleton of some sort in her little shed of a home... In fact, she seemed to be more of a "mad woman" than anything else--she ought to have been locked u...

  • Shadow Of The Past Trilogy ∞ THE DISPLACED
    51.2K 5.7K 137

    Three Fates--Two Earths--One Chosen... After a cataclysmic event hurls three women to another Earth, they find themselves separated, stranded thousands of years in the past... in 1979. The same night an unknown object plunges into a lake, something--or someone--leads Danny McGahn to a mysterious girl with amnesia. Whe...

  • L e t t e r s
    702K 29.8K 24

    Annie Halden was the exact definition of a wallflower. She lived on the sidelines, didn't like attention and worried too much. She wrote letters to herself as her way to get her thoughts out. She never told anyone or let anyone see. Leo Smith, one of the school star athletes and most popular boys, found one of her l...

  • Meet The Staff (and job opportunities)
    25 4 2

    Meet the staff of the Fallen Angel Awards community! We do hope you like us!

  • Fallen Angel 2018 Awards Winners Book
    1.2K 150 60

    The Winners of the 2018 Fallen Angel Awards! Complete with Interviews and Prizes!

  • Monthly Fallen Angel Contests
    62 5 5

    Every month a mini contest will be held! This could be a anything from a writing prompt to submitting a chapter of a book you've made! Smaller prizes than the Grand contest!

  • Fallen Angel 2019 Awards Winners Book
    505 74 43

    The awards and interviews for all of the Fallen Angel 2019 Award Winners!

  • Worn Skin
    68.4K 2.5K 41

    Nick is a suicidal alcoholic raising the daughter of a man he killed. But when she's lost to a mystical, tattooed, pain-fueled cult, he has to get her back. ***** Tattoos are more than just markings; those who know what to look for can see a secret...

  • The Last She (Books 1-3, the Last She Series)
    12.7M 644K 191

    Ara, the only woman left alive after a plague, is searching for a way to save humanity. She thinks there isn't a man she can trust, until she meets Kaden. ***** A plague has swept over the Earth, killing the majority of the population and every fema...

  • - ͙۪۪̥˚┊❛ PRODUCE 45 ❜┊˚ ͙۪۪̥◌ / survival af
    9.5K 1.2K 72

    PRODUCE 45 / PROJECT SUMMER RAIN ( hangul: 프로듀스 45 / 프로젝트 여름 비 ) is the 5th season of the produce series. Produce 45 / Project Summer Rain was created by M-NET to debut 8 girls in a group soon to be called Summer Rain and promote all over Asia for 4 years. CLOSED !! ONGOING ! ( if you are reading this story on any oth...

  • Biography
    1.4K 296 13

    Just random thing I want to share

  • Origins
    473 166 7

    Book one: FIRE Welcome to the Elemental Academy where powerful individuals are learning about magic and powers from which they were born. Here, people are trained to control their inner strength and use it for good. From hard classes, bad professors, evil that is spreading through the Torch, to th...

  • Subterranean (A Dark Vampire Romance)
    1.7K 119 11

    {COMPLETED} *Mature Themes* A vampire tale of love, sex, deception, murder and freedom. Elena has had terrifying dreams since she was a child of something coming for her; something monstrous, something she is connected to on the deepest level of her being. She desperately longs to be free from her psychotic, drug lo...

    Completed   Mature
    159 63 23

    hayata dair sözler ☺☺ Sana iyi gelebilirse ne mutlu bana

  • The Campus
    1.1K 17 30

    Set in 2009 Boston, Massachusetts... following the lives of students hit by the recession beginning in 2008. Their woes, from silver spoon to stainless spoon building their resilience and creativity. Hiding beneath their happy faces are insecurities while helping each other go through the transition of life from stude...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Late Night Coffee Drinkers
    605 4 26

    An intimate group of thirty something friends an expat journalist, a Canadian underwriter and a transsexual local real estate agent living in the metropolis, gather round for coffee pondering their lives, their relationships, their careers, and their life direction... up until their life changing moments begun. Millie...

    Completed   Mature
  • Open Mike Night
    63 8 5

    The diary of a Shih Tzu named Mikey

  • Routine Flight
    2.8K 73 23

    Ronald is a seasoned commercial pilot, not interested in relationships and living it large in air and on land. However, he met Lauren a corporate lawyer on ground and things got steamy though both are reluctant to give things a full swing. Until, his friend Alan almost died on an air crash leaving a family behind. Th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Frequent Flyer
    984 29 27

    A Sequel to The Routine Flight Lauren had impressed the bosses, in the expense of what could have been a relationship with Ronald. Alan survived and was in physical recovery after breaking a rib and dislocating his right arm. Ronald is recovering from a heart ache, that he covers up for PTSD. Poppy, being older again...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hired To Love
    21.5M 795K 67

    Henley agrees to pretend to date billionaire Bennett Calloway for a fee, falling in love as she wonders - how is he involved in her brother's false conviction? ***** Henley Linden's brother is in jail for a crime he didn't commit, and she'll take an...

  • An Impossible Deception
    931K 22.5K 35

    To save her family's reputation, Isabella must impersonate her twin sister to deceive her sister's husband in a scheme that depends on her not falling for him. ***** Identical twins Isabella and Arabella Garvey have nothing in common except their lo...

  • Rejecting the Alpha
    25.6M 803K 58

    I glared up at him my eyes narrowed, "Excuse me?" I was beyond livid by the words that just came out of his mouth. My glare didn't falter when Parker towered over me, clenching his jaw while trapping me against his desk. "You heard me." Parker's voice was low and intimidating that it made me feel so small. But I wasn...

  • Love Hotel
    445 49 12

    They stood there looking at me, their eyes dark and their jaws were clenched. I gulped and remembered their conversation, I've never been in a relationship with someone. They got the wrong idea, I quickly finished eating and went upstairs. I sigh and relaxed that I felt no more eyes roaming around me, I opened my door...

  • Snow Apocalypse: Last one standing.....maybe.
    290 62 12

    Wait if I see him half naked then that means. I scurried towards the end of the bath tub and sink in some more, trying to cover my red face. "Debra" I hear him whisper, I scoot further away from him. "Debra look at me" he said, I looked up and then the next second I got lost inside his beautiful dark blue eyes. Inside...

  • Dying To Love You Beyond Time
    299 36 14

    A true story woven from the beginning of an accident and experiences that really happened. She fell into the experiences and encounters travelling at light speed between the past and the present. As she fought for her life in the present, forces pulled her into the past to exact revenge. But would it be instead their...

  • Generation Gem
    2.3K 313 28

    In a world with only three choices....What would you choose? At birth, I was taken away from my parents and put into school - Pearl Education. I have been here for eighteen years. A student with no name. I am just a number. All of us are just a number. Graduation day brings the biggest choice I will ever face. The ch...

  • Living With Boys
    414K 10.7K 81

    Life for her was perfect. She had best friends who were there for her, she had a loving family (sort of), and was well-liked. She had everything rolling for her, even at 15. Well, that's what she thought. Notice those past tenses used? Yeah, they mean something. Until a certain incident happened in 9th grade, she ch...

  • Ayano X
    174 19 14

    A strange young woman has been preparing for the zombie apocalypse for awhile now. The others think she's crazy but run to her knowing that she's prepared to die while protecting when the zombie apocalypse happens. what will happen?

  • Trance the Demon
    3.4K 214 35

    After the death of her mother, Lilith Anders is left in the care of her cousin. Everyone knows that. What they don't piece together is that, with her arrival, the crime rates have gone down. Suddenly new evidence surfaces, and every one of the disturbing cold cases are put to rest. The most heinous ones everyone fear...

  • Molten Chocolate (The Hollens Book 2) ✔️
    13.5M 565K 74

    "What happened last night was a mistake. We both had too much to drink and one thing led to another. It was an act of alcohol and nothing more. I don't have any feelings for you whatsoever. You're my employee and that's all you'll ever be." - Evan Hollen Taking in his father's footsteps, Evan Hollen became successful...