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Living With Boys

Living With Boys

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Ellaina By NotCrazyYaJustStupid Updated Nov 24, 2018

Life for her was perfect.

She had best friends who were there for her, she had a loving family (sort of), and was well-liked. She had everything rolling for her, even at 15. 

Well, that's what she thought. 

Notice those past tenses used? Yeah, they mean something.

Until a certain incident happened in 9th grade, she changed. She gained enemies, and her health decreased. Her self-worth lowered with each passing day. She was broken, angry, and with so many emotions bottled up, mean.

Her parents moved her back across town, and she changed again. She went back to being nice; her normal self. But two things stuck with her: her health, and nightmare. She wouldn't ever be able to escape.


Her mother got a promotion. Thus, had to move across the country to NYC.
See, she was on-call 24/7 and hardly in state, as was her husband, and what was she supposed to do with her teenager who can't exactly live alone?

Well, you send her away of course.


16 year old Brooklyn May is sent to go live with her parent's old friends when they get an offer they can't pass up in NY. That wouldn't be such a big deal for her, but, it's the biggest deal when she's not only moving out of the state, she's moving to another country.

So, she's got to say goodbye to her friends, life, and the nice beaches that lay in Los Angeles and move to Canada. To make matters worse, she's not only moving in with strangers, but moving in with a family made up of boys.

The hottest and baddest boys at school. AKA the Canadian Rebel Boys (or Brothers). At least that's what her new school calls them.

Not only that she has to survive her grade 11 year and the years to come, she's got to learn to tolerate being with boys; not just herself and her friends back home.

Making new friends and enemies along the way, Brooklyn struggles her way through high school with a bunch of perverts, snobby girls, drama, and maybe, just maybe, finds a way to live with the boys and possibly find love while doing so.

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