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  • Silly Issues (Fiona Gallagher)
    33K 1.1K 6

    ❝i love ridin' through the city with you, hear you talk about your silly issues, you drive me wild❞ ••• (Fiona/You) (G!P You)

  • A Simple Favor
    291K 11.1K 31

    Y/N Y/L/N is 24 and fresh out of film school. She is just starting out in the acting industry and auditions for an upcoming Blake Livley movie. She gets the part and spends the next 8 months of her life working hours a day with her celebrity-turned real crush. Y/N struggles with not only her feelings for Blake, but he...

    1.1M 34.8K 43

    Y/n, one of the biggest actors in hollywood, meets her long time celebrity crush, Angelina Jolie. The two of them meet for the first time on the set of their new movie. Will Angelina share Y/n's feelings? Or will the whole thing flop? Y/n G!P Y/n is 28 Angelina is 32

  • Iron Daughter - Wanda Maximoff
    138K 4.4K 22

    Lyla Stark: unexpected daughter of Tony Stark. Rich, arrogant and smart, just like her father. All she wants is to be an Avenger, to be out of the shadow that is her father. A traumatising event leads to her views changing and then she meets the love of her life. Wanda Maximoff. Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Stark!OC GXG Pre...

  • Echo| Natasha Romanoff
    397K 13.5K 60

    She's an ex-hydra Agent with a death wish. After years of being stuck with Hydra under their mind-control doing anything for them against her will, she finally escaped with one thing on her mind. 'I want to make the world a better place.' Natasha Romanoff, an ex assassin with many problems of her own, see's a potenti...