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  • Halsey Imagines
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    Smut, fluff and all that other stuff in between ;)

  • infatuation // m.h
    137K 2.9K 54

    "Please don't go." "I'm sorry." "I hate you." "Can we go somewhere?" "I forgive you." "Do you actually love me?" "I don't want to be here anymore." "I fucking love you." "I'm sorry." "Please stay." These were things said often between the two. They were so enthralled in each other. They couldn't get enough. Skin to...

  • W O N D E R W A L L [ m.h ]
    73.8K 2.6K 40

    She was a wallflower and he was her wonderwall.

  • She Way Out // M.H. //
    132K 3.1K 84

    I never seen her talk but im telling you // She Way Out // || M.H. ||

    Completed   Mature
  • trouble.
    14K 502 20

    "i would bleed for you hals and im not just saying that" lowercase intended, all rights reserved at me :)

  • cross my heart, hope to die ; halsanie (second book in the pinky promise series)
    41.7K 3.7K 61

    "do you promise you'll never leave me?" "cross my heart, hope to die." //SEQUEL TO PINKY PROMISE

    Completed   Mature
  • neighbours ; frangipane
    91.9K 2.1K 18

    "do you wanna fuck?" lowercase intended

  • GIRL CRUSH! ➵ ( cheryl blossom )
    130K 3.5K 22

    ❝ Somewhere deep inside me, I still have hope that you'll fall in love. How pathetic.❞ Trina's secret guilty pleasure? Her bestfriend. [cheryl x oc ] season 1

  • insane // chris schistad
    455K 12.8K 32

    he drove her completely insane, but in the best and worst way possible. - [highest rank: #84 in fan fiction] [#1 in chris schistad] [SKAM SEASON 1-4 AU]

  • Ghost ♡ Halsey
    184K 6.1K 41

    I can't find you in the body sleeping next to me... || A Halsey Fanfiction|| Copyright © to F-utureal 2015 Please do not use my writing and/or ideas without permission, thank you. If you want to translate this, message me. All ghost translations are in my reading list called 'Ghost translations'.

  • coffee ; frangipane
    82.5K 2.3K 14

    "Do you like me?" "No." "Oh," her smile faded. "I fucking love you."

  • home (halsey)
    66.7K 3K 29

    the hotel rooms were temporary, but they're home now. {SEQUEL TO HOTEL ROOM}

  • no more denial :: halsey (editing)
    19.1K 768 11

    "I'm no longer afraid to admit my feelings to you, I'm ready to finally say to myself after pretty much my whole life that I like girls. I came out to my family. And Ashley I know I've confused and hurt you so many times before, but I'm ready this time, please, trust me. I'm yours." "I've been waiting for what feels l...

  • bisexual ; frangipane
    38.7K 1.4K 17

    "can i interest you in anything?" "you."

  • BABYGIRL | halsey
    29.9K 661 8

    "we looked at each other a little too long to be just friends."

  • Colours • h a l s e y
    86.9K 4.6K 15

    "you liked me because i was blue;" in which a rebellious girl with red hair meets an innocent girl with blue hair

  • hold on till may • halsey
    30.5K 2.3K 26

    "if i were you i'd put that away. see you're just wasted and thinking bout the past again. darling, you'll be okay."

  • pretend [halsey]
    20.5K 870 6

    "why do you pretend to be someone that you aren't?" ©-hclsey [girlxgirl]

    72.8K 2.2K 32

    "You got the correct answer." Amelia Johnson is a senior and has had feelings for Betty Cooper, her best friend for over 5 years. When the death of Jason Blossom, along with the new comer, Veronica lodge, stirs up the drama in riverdale, Amelia finds herself trying to figure her love life out while solving a murder. O...

    3K 49 1

    " i've been in love with someone that didn't love me back and i've been loved by someone that i didn't love back but i don't know which one is worse to be broken or to break another soul " [veronica lodge x oc]