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  • Lost In Paradise
    1.7K 59 13

    Everyone has their demons to fight against, and things aren't different for Amelia, a teenager puppet of her own mind. After an unfortunate accident that took away her biological parents, she was never the same, nor was her mental health; From a happy and healthy person to a twisted human wreck in the blink of an eye...

  • Sky Corruption (Past Tense)
    260 37 39

    A group of survivors find refuge in a bunker as the world above that they once knew had been completely devastated. They stuck to their logic: follow the rules, always bring a gun with you, and steer clear of those damned aliens. Follow China and the rest of the group as they embark mysterious and rather terrifying ev...

  • Red Shower
    207 7 5

    Michael "Kit" Evans is a man who's been prepared for anything thrown down his path...however, things take a sharp turn one eventful night.