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  • When Sparks Fly
    144K 3.6K 62

    After the blip is reversed the remaining Avengers have to figure out how to carry on without their leaders, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. Some have managed to find a new path, while others remain stuck in the past, whether it's of their own or someone else's design. As the world falls apart after billions return to the...

  • Red vs blue season 1 (male oc )
    20.7K 433 22

    Jack church is the son and younger brother of the director and Allison and Lina church but when Allison died every thing changed jack was on then of abusing from both his family he ran away at the age of 12 and join UNSC like his mom and during training got a A.I who he name crystal but he was then shipped off to bloo...

  • Sapphire (Book One, Arrow)
    63.3K 1.3K 23

    Jillian "Jill" Wright has been through hell, and when she's stranded on an island, that hell only gets worse. She loses her sister, Amy, and she's all alone until she finds Oliver Queen, Slade Wilson, and Shado. She can't go home, and she has nowhere else to go, so Oliver brings her to his home in Starling...

  • The Varied Path (Akatsuki no Yona Fanfiction)
    103K 7.1K 191

    Shin-ah x OC "I told you once, a long time ago, that you would have to choose which lives to save." Steel eyes flashed in the moonlight. "You choose to sacrifice the ones who have offered themselves up to serve you, the ones that have already decided to die for you. You let me fight instead of the ones who never asked...

    683K 9.2K 122

    Basically what the title says! Anime oneshots of all of your favorite anime and manga characters. Whether your straight, bisexual, agender, gay, or trans! You are all welcomed here. I will try and do males but it will mostly be females. X reader that is. Every anime you could ever want in here! I wont list them all si...

  • Not like most Girls (Kusuo Saiki x OcReader)
    22.8K 770 33

    "Magic?" I tilt my head. "Yeah, what do you think about it?" Teruhashi asked me. "Magic is an illusion. It is a fictional force used to amuse those who crave escape." I answer. ___________________________________________________ "Y-you have magic...?" I stared at the boy I thought I knew. "Phys...

  • Anime One-shots ❤
    149K 2.2K 109

    Feel free to make requests if you want but if I haven't seen the Anime I probably won't do it I'm not sure how much I'll update on this as I am a lazy shit. I also take some time thinking of ideas! Animes I've done Oneshots for so far Bleach Free! Black Butler Assassination Classroom Ouran high school host club Tona...

  • Almost Average || Saiki x reader
    903K 32.2K 40

    (y/n) (l/n) transfers to PK Academy. She slowly becomes friends with a few people. One person catches her eye and she falls for him, hard. "You're average. That is what's interesting about you," "What is that ...

  • I'm Yours [Nanase Haruka x Reader]
    189K 5.1K 62

    Yours (adj.) Belonging to individual.

  • Best Friend's Brother : ||Rin Matsuoka x Reader||
    268K 8.7K 23

    ||(Y/N) is the best friend of Gou Matsuoka. The two have been close ever since they were kids. They also are a part of the Iwatobi Swim club, managing for the boys. It was only a few years since she has seen Rin, her childhood crush and Gou's brother. He had moved to Australia so she figured she wouldn't ever see him...

  • ticket to love Naruko X sasuke
    6.7K 132 8

    Naruko lives in the hidden leaf with her brother naruto she is always making sure no one picks on naruto but they end up picking on Naruko. Naruko has a little secret she has the eleven tailed beast in her. one day sasuke stands up for her read more to find out what happens

  • Snow White with the Silver Hair (MitsuhidexOC) | Book 1 | ✅Completed✅
    34.2K 816 36

    Akari is Shirayuki's bigger sister. She has always protected her. One day, she met the 2nd Prince of Clairnes's personal guard, Mitsuhide. She fell in love with him at first sight. Once Akari came to Clairines, she soon became Prince Zen's personal guard and gave her a magical sword that can turn her into a... Wolf? A...

  • The Boy with Glasses and the Little Mermaid - How to Keep a Mummy
    230 9 1

    Sakurai Ryuuji is a normal high-schoolar... Well, a smart one. He is what the others call 'elite'. He is the one that can't express himself properly. He is trying to lessen the burden on his parents' shoulder. One day, he was walking to his home like usual, but then he saw a little..... mermaid, laying on the road. W...

  • 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐆𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐓 𝐒𝐏𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐓 𝐛𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐢. ━━━━ ❛𝐀𝐓𝐋𝐀❜
    157K 4.7K 28

    𝐛𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐢 //𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭 𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐭 ❝𝐰𝐞'𝐫𝐞 𝐣𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝐤𝐢𝐝𝐬. ❞ Water, earth, fire, air Long ago the four nations lived together in harmony, then everything changed when the fire nation attacked. Only the avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them. But when the world needed him most he vanis...

  • Black Butler Hidden Mate (sebastian X OC)
    275K 7.8K 30

    a demon not willing to accept the role she was birthed with . kira is a demon, but no ordinary demon, she has a reputation down in the demon world and has a deep secret to hide from every demon. what will happen if she bumps into a certain Butler and master on her way to complete another contract? especially when that...

  • The Avatar's Guardian
    128K 2.6K 56

    No one knows what the Guardian is. It is said that they are there to protect the Avatar and help them learn the elements. The Guardian is rumored to be a myth, since it is said that not every Avatar gets one. Guardians have the same power as Avatars, they cannot go into an Avatar state though. Aang, Sokka, Katar...

  • The Avatar's Guide | Avatar the last airbender
    251K 5.8K 53

    Nevan is the younger sister of Katara and Sokka setting out on the adventure of a lifetime with her siblings and the Avatar, Aang. Along the way she unravels her destiny, faces war and young love. Disclaimer: The Avatar the Last Airbender world is not mine or of my own creation. Rights go to the brilliant Bryan Kon...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Missing Zodiac [A Fruits Basket FanFiction]
    105K 3K 20

    The guinea pig started to dance but then the zodiac animals made fun of it, calling it rude names, making fun of it's dancing. The guniea pig was so sad it didn't want to be at the banquet anymore. The guinea pig ran out of the banquet hall, tears in it's little eyes. It was rarely seen again, it's presence hidden fro...

  • The Story Of Naomi - LOK FanFic
    59.7K 1.5K 17

    *Old Work* "Well, my family have a lot of great benders. Aang, Tenzin, Katara, Kya even my dad was a great firebender with an earthbender mom... I can't understand why I'm not destined to bend. If I have to be honest, it's all I've ever wanted to do. I too wanna make my family proud." I said letting all of that go, an...

  • Dragonfire | Mako
    106K 4K 35

    The Fire Nation has been in a period of peace for years. Benevolent leaders have risen, rulers who care more about the people than their own interests, and the country has managed to become the most stable nation in only a short amount of time. The benevolent rulers and those who used to place themselves over their pe...

  • The Second Avatar
    150K 3.4K 41

    Being the second Avatar is not an easy job... Avatar Korra is now in Republic City with her best friend Yue. There they meet their friends Mako, Bolin and Asami. Korra and Yue face many difficulties, Yue especially as she tries to keep Korra out of trouble and prison and protect her from many threats they come across...

  • The Longing ⇝ BOOK 2 > LOK
    119K 4K 24

    ( sequel to The Longing > Book 1 ) Lyra and Mako finally have the epic love story they've been waiting for. Handling a new job she is very passionate for and a new relationship with her best friend/lover, there hasn't been a dull moment. And it gets even better when she arrives at the South Pole. Join her as she explo...

  • The Longing ⇝ BOOK 1 > LOK [Avatar: TLAB-LoK Watty Awards 2018]
    728K 22.6K 57

    Lyra (LYE-RUH) is the adopted daughter of Tenzin and Pema. No one knows anything about where she came from - at least that's what she thought. Join her as she figures out who she really is. All the while, she will be going through some unexpected hardships. MAKO x ORIGINAL CHARACTER - I do not own the Legend Of Korr...

  • Wounded Lips and Salted Cheeks (Zuko x OC)
    153K 3.7K 37

    ~COMPLETED~ Airi is your average girl but when she's kidnapped by Prince Zuko her life change forever, she and her friends are on a mission to save the world but what happens when the person you love stands in your way?

  • Code Black // Arrow
    61.4K 2.3K 17

    Despite being a couple of years younger than Tommy, Hensley Merlyn loved her older brother more than anything and was known to hang around him and Oliver Queen. Five years ago, Hensley and the rest of Starling City learned that the boat that the Queens were on had sunk and there were no survivors. The deaths of Rober...

  • Let's Make A Deal (Sequel of The Cipher's Daughter)
    2K 58 4

    The trouble between Bill Cipher and Weirdmageddon was finished. Bill is defeated and Gravity Falls is back to normal. (y/n) and her demon twin, Will Cipher are liberated from Bill's chains. They thought everything was done but it was just beginning. The day the Pine twins return back to Gravity Falls is the day a new...

  • Tokyo Ghoul: She's Mine Forever {Ayato K} ✓
    240K 6.4K 27

    ⚠️1ST BOOK OF THE TOKYO GHOUL SERIES⚠️ ➖➖ ●C O M P L E T E D● Time had seem to suddenly stop as I leaned in towards her. Caressing her cheek, I placed my lips on hers gently. "I love you, Aiko." Then as quickly as I said this, I gave her the signal...

  • Yona's Personal Servant (Akatsuki No Yona Fanfiction)
    149K 4.5K 39

    Mayu, a 17 year-old girl, lived in the Hiryuu Castle her whole life. She was raised by the maids in the castle, since Mayu (when she was little) was found near the castle, as if someone left her there, the maids found a letter next to Mayu's body. "Take care of her....I couldn't feed her well or even keep her warm...

  • Dawn of a New World - Akatsuki no Yona
    125K 4K 47

    Amaya is Yona's twin sister. They are alike in some ways, yet very different in others. We all know how Yona has fiery red hair and purple eyes? Well Amaya is the exact opposite! She was blessed with long flowing purple hair, however, she was also cursed with flaming red eyes. One day tragedy emerges for the young gir...

  • Baby Lance (Voltron legendary defenders)
    37.8K 1.1K 4

    After obtaining a plant in a weird planet, Hunk makes some dessert. Because everyone else is busy, Lance is the only one that is around to try it. But oh no! Lance is now a baby with only a few of his memories. Now they have to make him normal again. Will they find the antidote, or will they have to grow him up, or wi...