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  • Impossible to Forgive
    274K 11.8K 40

    Impossible Trilogy, Book One. Sakumo Hatake was like a father to Kaiyo, but when he takes his life after being shamed for breaking village code, Kaiyo is left without friends or family. For years she is able to successfully avoid his son, Kakashi Hatake, but that changes when Kakashi becomes the Sixth Hokage and Kaiyo...

  • For Them... I Will Go To The Very Beginning
    58.1K 2.4K 6

    Sakura Haruno is the only survivor of the Fourth Great Shinobi War. Not even her teammates, who had vowed to stay with her forever after their sensei had been killed, had survived. She was the only one left. And so she made a wish. When Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki grants her wish, Sakura is sent back to the very beginning, whe...

  • Text Stories
    10.2K 587 48

    What if the Akatsuki has a group chat? Tsunade called a meeting and texts everyone. Shikamaru can texts Temari everyday and anytime. Naruto and friends can discuss their ideas in group chat. Itachi can express his feeling to Sasuke easily. What if in the Naruto universe everyone has a cellphone? A fanfiction of Narut...

  • ReLIFE: Team Minato - Daybreak
    114K 4.7K 33

    { first place in Naruto Wattys 2019} The prestigious team during the Third Great Ninja War led by the Fourth Hokage died at their respective times. Now, the Fourth Great Ninja War ended. Madara Uchiha achieved his life long goal. The world is under his control. The civilians and soldiers are under a mind transe. His...

  • Always (Snily)
    2.6K 89 1

    Severus never wanted any of this to happen. But he knows why it did. And he knows the biggest fight is still on the way.

  • Second chance at life- editing and continuing
    166K 1.8K 5

    The was is over. Voldemort is dead; but not without a price. Suffering from fatal wounds, Harry knows there is no chance of him surviving; that is, until he's sent back to his parents 7th year- 1978. But there's a catch: he's ten months old! With the mental capacity of a eighteen-year old, ten-month-old Harry is raise...

  • Raising happiness [Under Editing]
    34.6K 1.1K 14

    have you seen this man? The posters were months old most of them were already scattered around the world crumpled in garbage cans. far off in the home of Victor Nikiforov there was a piercing cry startling the lonesome man from his slumber.

  • Allodoxaphobia ♅ Viktuuri
    98.3K 5.1K 52

    ''i have the ability to control the will of others, yuuri. and...and i hate it,, //Allodoxaphobia. Noun. A fear of other people's opinions// Yuuri can't face the world, he's not ready, not yet. But, there's no avoiding life. Yuuri must fight his way through the crowds with nothing to help him. Viktor's life is alm...

  • Meum Miraculum
    23.3M 722K 50

    He was powerful. He was terrifying. Said to be cruel and unjust. Terrifyingly possessive. He had the world, but to him she was his world. There was nothing he wouldn't do for his miraculum.

  • Sleepy fox
    96.7K 3.2K 9

    In all his 12 years of living Naruto has never found a reason to speak. As a child the villagers forgot he existed due to his quiet disposition which resulted in a better childhood than what Naruto would of experienced had the villagers remembered the child held the very thing they despised sealed inside him. The Hoka...

  • Confessions Of The Red Eye 🔚
    22K 1.2K 25

    An entry for the past. An entry for the present... Will I make more for the future? ___________________________________________ Kakashi Hatake has a very keen eye. He hates it. Because of that, he remembers the worst parts of his life in vivid detail. From the deaths of his friends, from constantly experiencing menta...

  • The Past?
    3.1K 50 5

    future goes to past. (Old man kakashi, adult naruto, adult sakura, adult sasuke, and adult shikamaru) WARNING!! This was created because again I was BORED and DESPERATE to get my writing juices flowing (still sounds so wrong XD) Has cursing in it! Like the other fanfiction "CHANGING THE FUTURE WITH A BOOK" it is conne...

  • The Hero I Love (Naruto)
    177K 4.9K 26

    What if Minato and Kushina weren't killed on the night of the Kyubi's attack? How would Naruto's life (and the rest of the villagers' lives) differ? And what if Obito was brought back to the village instead of him being left to die? Would there be peace in the ninja world or would there be a new threat to their existe...

  • I'm Fine
    202K 6.7K 16

    Kakashi Hatake. People use many words to describe him. The most common ones are brave, loyal, and late. But now... there is no one to call him these things. No one to talk to. The war has taken its toll and everyone is dead. Kakashi is the only one left. He remembers his last students words after he gave him the rest...

  • A Stuttering Flame
    37.4K 1K 4

    Kurama peered down at the tiny human he had watched grow for 17 years and saw the tears glistening in her eyes. As he watched the tear trickle down her face, he decided she deserved to find happiness after all they had gone through. so he took her to the one place he knew she could find it. Fem Naruto X Kakashi, time...

  • Naruto Shippūden: The Legendary Team 「伝説のチーム」
    249K 10K 21

    Because of the Fourth Great Ninja War, of the deity named Kaguya, the world almost came to an end. However, something odd happened; the past came right before their eyes, and they were living in it. When Kurama came to his senses, he saw Konoha, a masked man, Kushina, and the Fourth Hokage standing at the Hokage Monum...

  • Everlasting : Bonds Of Time. (Book one)
    5.1K 194 20

    Before Naruto's time, there once a powerful clan that stroke fear into almost every shinobi alive. A clan with abilities that surpass that of the strongest of ninja.. Together with the forbidden technique of this clan the shinobi would be unstoppable. However.. A truly devastating and terrifying event occurred just...

  • Time and Again
    161K 3.9K 15

    Kakashi Hatake, the Rokudaime Hokage closes his eyes as his life fades.... WAIT WHAT HAPPENED!!! Then next thing Kakashi realizes is that he is alive and he's twelve years old again >>DISCONTINUED<< People can adopt this story if they want

  • Abused, But Never Used
    439K 13.5K 50

    Team 7 has finally cracked. They all hate the leaf. All for very similar reasons. Sakura hates lady Tsunade with a passion. She calls herself her sensei but all she does is mentally and physically abuse her day after day. Depleting her chakra reserves to the point where she can't even move to get herself off of the g...

  • History Makers || Victuri ✔
    18.8K 705 5

    ♡ "Will you skate with me one last time?" A short Victuri story for the feels. Angst warning! _________________________ Status: Complete Highest Ranking: #372 in YurionIce #227 in cliche _________________________ I do not own the anime and/or characters mentioned, only the plot! All rights reserved ©...

  • random yaoi
    3.8K 69 29

    Random yaoi fandoms I found and liked ...... all credit goes to who ever owns these. I may contain extremely nosebleeds if your not careful. Warning was given thank you... *.* I also don't own the images that i post with the stories

    Completed   Mature
  • When a Wolf took in The Baby Fox(Naruto Fanfic)
    160K 4.1K 14

    After the Attack on the Hidden Leaf village by the Nine Tails, Kakashi and other Anbu members are put on high alert. With the village weakened they had to show they were still strong and ready to fight other villages. Four years pass and Kakashi returns home in search of his teacher's child Naruto so he can raise him...

  • Always By Your Side | Yuri On Ice
    14.1K 418 10

    Time Travel AU Katsuki Yuuri is happy. He likes this quiet life with Viktor in St. Petersburg since they both retired. He gets back onto the ice with his husband and suffers an unexpected malfunction. He should have gotten new skates. And then he ends up still not dead, somehow miraculously reliving his life starting...

  • The Omega's Harem (YOI YAOI)
    13.8K 458 5

    OMEGAVERSE AU In a world where the most prized dynamic are the omegas being an alpha can be really hard. Alphas are used as sex toys for the omegas. Alphas do all the dirty and hard work. Alphas are often sold in auctions just for omega's entertainment. And some are treated poorly not giving them enough food or good c...

  • Flash Forward: Naruto Edition
    490K 10.7K 14

    A day after the teams are selected, Naruto and his fellow graduates are summoned by the Third Hokage. Reaching there, they meet new faces which will prove to be helpful in the time to come. But why are they all here? Read as bonds are formed and secrets are revealed as they watch the future in Flash Forward: Naruto...

  • Twenty Five Reasons to Love You | V.N Y.K ✔️
    6.7K 345 3

    "Do you want me to tell you twenty five reasons why you're different from all of them?" Viktor asks lowly, his blue eyes shimmering and a soft smile tugging at his lips. Did I want to know? I wasn't sure. I didn't want to end up hurt, but I was awfully curious at the same time. "Go ahead and try, Viktor. But if noth...

  • Your blood 》Yuri On Ice
    100K 5.2K 79

    "In the past four years figure skating has become the favourite form of entertainement for vampires. It's a good thing that is the sport I decided to pick up. Its all thanks to Victor Nikiforov really" Ever wanted to see what life is like if Yuri and Victor were part of a world where vampires existed? Follow this yoi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Write With Me
    314 25 6

    Here, I share my advice and expereance with you. I believe so strongly in writing and would love to do something to help people with their writing or give people who want to start a push in the right direction. This is an unstructured book based on common issues and questions you may ask. Also shit posts, rants and ra...

  • Born To Make History (boyxboy)
    11.2K 689 21

    True love is relentless, persistent and never gives up, but true love only occurs when there is a mutual connection. Otherwise at some point, it becomes desperate. Victor verges dangerously close on desperate, but he is convinced that Yuri must have some return of feeling. His career at stake and family on the line, h...

  • Last Chance For A Kiss (Victuri One Shot)
    11.1K 555 1

    "Are you a great actor, Yuri?" *=* I am obsessed, help me.