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  • Twenty Four Shades of Blood [A Hunger Games Fanfic]
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    [PART OF @Fanfic 's OFFICIAL HUNGER GAMES READING LIST!] Twelve districts. Twenty four tributes. Twenty three murders. One winner. May the odds be ever in your favour. [Cowritten]

  • WITHERING HERBS || A Warriors Fanfiction
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    A sickness - like a mere case of the chills or a minor whitecough in a patient - is often something a medicine cat can easily fix, with some leafy catmint or perhaps a pawful of feverfew. It is vanquished effortlessly, and the illness is gone. It does not come back unless someone receives it again. But when the Cl...

  • Truly Selected (Book One of The Next Selection Series)
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    ~ 'Matthew slid closer to me so our bodies were pressed up against each other in a not to intimate way. "I hope I cross your mind every once in a while," Matthew said in an almost whisper. "Just so I don't feel so pathetic for thinking of you all the time." I felt my heart beat at a rapid pace as he said those words t...

  • Blackout Storm
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    Fourteen years have passed since the storms began. No one knows how or why they started, but when they hit fear takes over. You better be inside and lock your doors till the blackout storm passes. If you're caught out in the storm you will either be found dead or you will never be seen again. Riz is sure something or...

  • Love Game
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    Audrey has the absolute perfect life. Nice friends, good grades and she is the cheercaptain. But when Daniel, maybe the worst badboy in town, moves in with her, she isn't able to keep up with her chores. The story of two completely different teens, facing different problems. She is good, he is bad. She cares about oth...

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    its about a little girl and her teen years in her family, who has married and has 2 children, but is now divorced and is a single mum . And moving to America to live a new life with friends and family.

    Completed   Mature
  • Where have you been, Amber Green? (Currently On Hold :( )
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    (Previously known as 'Fictional in real life') "Bizarre?", she questions, her voice tinged with amusement. She plops down on the seat beside me. "Of course not! Waiting for a giraffe to escape the zoo is perfectly normal", I reply in the most serious tone I can manage, trying not to laugh. I am an ordinary girl livin...

  • Adopted:The Secrets Within Life|Book 1(ON HOLD FOR REWRITING)
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    Sarah Maxwell was a thirteen year old French, child genius, but didn't talk. She hadn't for years. She had been in the orphanage for six years, coming back and forth between families, until one day she was fostered by this couple and their two kids. Everything seemed to be going better than other days. That was until...

  • Facing A Forest of Shadows
    2.3K 256 47

    ((This is book two in the Blizzardstar's Choice saga)) Ever since the disastrous battle between BreezeClan and IceClan, the forest had been at peace. But a land grown on the blood of slain Clan cats will eventually thirst for more. An illness unlike any that has been seen before will take hold of the forest. And it s...

    5.1K 656 27

    The echoes of our victory will reign, and we will not fall ever again. °•°•°•°•° After EchoClan was taken over by the delirious Archangel and Waspstar was killed, a rebellion was led away to a new camp. SpiritClan selected Dimstar to become the rebellions leader and all was well. But peace will never reign for long. D...

  • Rising Sun- A Warrior Cats Fanfiction ✔️
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    ➖ Book One of the Trail of Stars series ➖ It's not Sunkit's fault that his father betrayed his Clan. Just because he is almost an exact copy of him does not mean that he is anything like Goldensun. Even though he was named after him, he isn't anything like him. Right? Apparently not, according to almost every cat in T...