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  • It's Not Easy Breaking Your Heart
    37 5 4

    Emma's senior year begins with her searching for the courage to tell her father she wants to go to college and ends with her in her captor's plot to get his pack back. Can she fight to regain control of her role as Alpha or will her love for a stranger be too much?

  • The Billion Dollar Girl
    73.9K 2K 5

    What would you say, if a stranger wanted to buy you? And what would you say if the stranger offered you a Billion Dollars? Ella goes to an expensive school she can't afford. Ash's rich, but his Dad's making him marry, to curb his wild side. And Ash's revenge? Tie the knot with some lower-class girl instead. When Fate...

  • Boarding School For Wolves
    9.4M 138K 45

  • Something Wicked This Way comes.
    3.3K 106 4

    Harlow is committed. No not to anything or anyone, but a place that she wants out of desperately- despite golden haired stud muffin, Saxon's presence. Harlow's life so far has been a mixture of talking and hiding from things that aren't there and she's paying for it. Just when she thought things couldn't get any worse...

  • Forever 21
    47.3K 1K 11

    The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins? -Edgar Allan Poe

  • Big Fat Liar (Available Amazon Kindle/ Ebook)
    8.8M 33.3K 9

    Callie Picket,the-fat-girl-next-door has a big fat secret. Well, a secret she's been successfully hiding from her oh so sexy apartment neighbor Chris Walker. In their first meeting, he mistakes her for a fat guy and she does nothing to correct him. "That awkward moment when the man you love doesn't know you're a woman...

  • Insincerely Yours
    147K 2.2K 10

    Cairo Blanchard could only be summed up in one word- Doormat. Docile and kind to the point of ridiculousness, Cairo is often over looked and cast aside. Not anymore. It took one summer for it all to change. Starting with a mysterious diary arriving on her birthday, she was spurred to change. Taking one Best Friend w...