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  • Bakushima | I'm sorry, I can't... I'm a vampire
    103K 2.3K 6

    🔞🔞 SMUT 🔞🔞 Night college AU Around 21/22 years old No quirks Vampire Eijiro Kirishima 🧛🏼‍♂️ Human Katsuki Bakugo Sorry for the crappy title, I couldn't think of shit so it is what it is. Cover art is NOT mine. This story takes place in an AU where Bakugo and Kirishima go to the same night school. The colleg...

  • I Like Bad Boys (Phan)
    303K 12.1K 17

    Pastel!Dan and Punk!Phil! Phil, a punk, was wildly know for being the type to have sex with a girl and dump her. He didn't care much about his poor image until Dan, an openly gay pastel boy, steals his attention. When they decide to see if they will work, Phil becomes happier than he ever has. However, there seems to...

  • One Direction Dirty imagines
    231K 2K 30

    A book of Imagines about the members of ONE DIRECTION! Some can be sweet....... Some can be very dirty......(; I hope you guys enjoy!!! Very Explicit at times!

  • One Direction Dirty Imagines
    550K 2.5K 22

    [SMUT] * if you're going to bug about it being to sexual than I suggest you not to read until then enjoy ..X

  • One Direction One Shots (All Ships)
    1M 11.4K 56

    Smutty smut smut!! One shotty shots! Here's a collection of one shots I've written. I'll be updating regularly. I ship it all! INCLUDING ZIANOURRY! So every ship will get its time to shine. I'll try and keep the tops and bottoms varied but I have Daddy Louis and Liam kink so deal with it. I might write a few part...

    Completed   Mature
  • Do you love me Daddy?
    343K 5.3K 16

    "Daddy do you love me?" Louis asked cuddled up to his daddy, who was caressing Louis' brown feathered hair. Harry smiled and kissed Louis' forehead, "always and forever baby,"

  • Trust Me »L.S
    2.2K 137 4

    Kitten Hybrids and common everywhere, especially New York; they were crawling with them. Literally. Everyone was fond of them except for one person, Louis Tomlinson. He's one of those rich, snobby, grumpy rich guys. He can't help but hate the furry humans that try to paw at him every once in a while but this was all b...

  • 5sos smut
    117K 1.3K 20

    5sos smut! boyxboy REQUESTS ARE OPEN most arent mine.

  • 5SOS Gay Smut Book-Punk_Rockerz
    170K 1.3K 28

    so hey this is 5sos boyxboy smut by 8 crayzed fanz (P.S. we also do O2L, Magcon, One Direction, Kellic DON'T DENY IT IT'S ADORABLE AND HOT, but we will mainly do 5sos. Requests are open we will do all ideas just be descriptive when requesting so we don't have to do too much work to make it how you want it. That's all)...

  • KIK •Harry x Louis•
    2.5M 154K 75

    One night, nineteen year old Harry decides to go on KIK and text one of his friends but he accidentally typed in the wrong user name. An adorable, feathery haired boy popped up and Harry so happened to be.. Horny. Sixteen year old Louis doesn't expect the unknown person to text him these very few words. Harry: I'm hor...

  • Myler the Love Story [ A Tyler Oakley and Marcus Butler fan fic]
    48.9K 234 13

    A fun and sexy story of Tyler Oakly and Marcus Butler. Marcus develops a bit of a man crush on Tyler but it turs into an actually crush. This has Marcus questioning his sexuality as he is not sure if he is in love or lust for Tyler.

  • ziam smut
    780K 10.5K 80

    from ao3. credit beginning of each part. if you see your work, and don't want it on here, message me and I will take it down.

  • Bend Me Over (Narry Storan)
    257K 8.8K 63

    "Sticks and stones my break my bones, but chains and whips excites me." ©Copyright 2015 Smiley_Miley_

    Completed   Mature