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  • City of Miraculous
    2.3K 148 8

    *~To Love is to Destroy~* (Miraculous Ladybug/The Mortal Instruments AU) --- When Marinette Cheng heads out to the Purrsian Club in Paris, she hardly expected to witness a murder - a murder committed by three teenagers covered with strange tattoos and brandishing bizarre weapons. This is Marinette's first meeting wit...

  • MiraculousTale
    2.1K 138 10

    *~This fills you with Determination~* (Miraculous Ladybug/Undertale AU) --- Not-so-long ago, one young girl lived at the base of the looming Mt. Eiffel. Until one day, after an adventure into the woods, she falls down a hole and lands in a swarm of purple butterflies. Marinette has to find her way back to the surfac...

  • Miraculous Games
    232K 10.6K 50

    *~ May the Lucky Charm be ever in your favor ~* (Miraculous Ladybug/Hunger Games AU) --- Marinette, the local baker girl in her district, volunteers to protect the little girl she babysits. Now, with Nathanael at her side, she must defeat the rest of the Charms in the Miraculous Games arena. Adrien is being forced to...