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  • shades of blue
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    Charlie doesn't speak, so he paints.

  • blue
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    to @CALLOUSEDTOUCHES. her eyes were the same color as the sea in a postcard someone sends you when they love you, but not enough to stay. her eyes were the cornflower blue, the hue of the most magical things in life the sea, the sky and all my reasons why. [lower case intended] s t a r t e d 11th Feburary, 6:...

  • A Poet's Heart
    1.5K 384 27

    ❝ a poet is made up of words, and feelings that clash together to create something that's collided from within' ❞ My poems. and sometimes other random stuff. #871 in poetry [2.5.17]

  • My Venture into Different Poetry Forms
    3.9K 742 21

    The title itself speaks of the description. I'm not a poet. Just my attempt into different poetry forms for the love of writing. My two friends @LakshyaKhare and @cutedaisy19 are the inspiration behind this venture. The name aside to the title are the name of various forms. They're in bracket ( ). Please ask if...

  • A Mouth Full Of Words
    5.6K 1.6K 41

    ❝how poetic but yet tragic.❞ a love tragedy a short story lowercase intended biggest achievement: #34 in Poetry [2.12.17]

  • Paper Stains ✔
    16.4K 2.2K 17

    Paper Stains; a collection of poem and prose. July 21 - #460** July 07 - #548 July 05 - #635

  • Through My Eyes
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    The world through the eyes of a nighttime lover. Highest Rank: #17 in Poetry

  • Her Piercing Words
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    ❝You invaded my heart like a storm in the sea, But you left me with waves and broke the barriers in me, I looked for you till blindness overwhelmed my eyes, Did you not care about turning - replying to my cries...❞ [ A Wattpad Featured Story Highest ranking - #3 in poetry ] ❝Al...