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  • unexpected | meanie
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    two boys met through an app.

  • iridescent ღ panwink
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    Guanlin runs an Instagram about Jihoon. Highest Ranking #64 in Random

  • rose ≛ taekook
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    seasons change, and people do too, i guess. « taekook!! completed [side note: this book is super old my writing has improved :(]

    Completed   Mature
  • instagram.
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    kimtaehyung sent you a message! © 2017 started -- 170806 finished-- taeseok!

  • blueberries - 2jae
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    when user defxsoul fell in love with user arsxcyj

  • INSTAGRAM → vkook
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    in which a model and a youtuber is being shipped by fans.

    Completed   Mature
  • biased - taekook [complete.]
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    ❝i'm going to sue v for hurting me in these ways!❞ ㅡ in which jeongguk is obsessed with k-idol v. [ COMPLETED ] highest ranking; #94 in fanfiction [thank you!] started; 1 Oct 2016 ended; 5 Mar 2017 © -thirstae 2016

  • snapchat - taekook [discontinued. and cringy]
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    hi if you know me irl. do. not. go. near. this. book. i wrote it in 7th grade and i did not know any better it is the worst thing i have ever done but i keep it up so i can cringe at it reminder i was in 7th grade thought i was cool and edgy don't... read this... pls ❝listen, you're deep and im deep in you, baby boy.❞...

  • Pre-K {Yoonmin}
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    AgustD has posted a tweet @ ChimChim hey boyfriend ChimChim has posted a tweet @ AgustD I WAS 3 STOP THIS BULLYING -------------- In which Jimin asked Yoongi to be his boyfriend back in pre-k and they've been dating ever since.

  • call me baby. pjm + jjk
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    "hi! welcome to the boyfriend hotline." © 2seoks