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  • The 3 rules of popular
    415 92 7

    This story follows Ashlynn, a middle child with a need to fit in. She loves theatre, but she wants her parents to notice her, so she tries to be more like her sisters. She tries hard to fit in and loses friends along the way. Will Ashlyn be able to get her friends back and get what she wants? Or will her life spiral d...

  • My Dreamland Oppa
    3.3K 294 27

    Mara, an ordinary person, is struggling with a difficult decision. Should she continue living a solitary life or take a chance and open her heart to a celebrity she met unexpectedly while experiencing a moment of serendipity? All she wants is to heal her broken heart. ...

  • World of Wreckage [removed] Torth #3
    24K 124 3

    Preorder here: Start this series with MAJORITY by Abby Goldsmith: ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ The last embers of freedom in galaxy are dying. Diabolical Torth are poised to fight each other over the scraps of Earth and ano...

  • Colossus Rising [removed] Torth #2
    28.7K 67 1

    This book is on Amazon Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Audible. Start with MAJORITY: ✴✴✴✴✴ Thomas has a rare mutation. He's dying and he can't walk, but he can absorb a li...

  • Majority [removed] Torth #1 Pt2
    21.6K 75 2

    This book is now combined with Book 1 and can be purchased in ebook, print, or audiobook editions: ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ All spacefaring civilizations are absorbed by Megacosm users, or else enslaved by them. Anyone who dares to question the elected rulers of the Megacosm--or worse, defy the...

  • Majority [removed] [#Ooorahs] #1
    73K 597 2

    APOLOGIES: I have removed this book. It was free on Wattpad from 2017 to 2023. As of Sep 5, 2023, it is published in bookstores. If you'd like to be looped in on my Abby Updates, please subscribe to my very infrequent newsletter! ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ In a galaxy-spannin...

  • #PlanetOrPlastic Writing Contest
    343K 14.8K 2

    Wattpad has teamed up with National Geographic to wake the world up to the potential impact of single-use plastics. In 500 words or less, we're asking you to share a story-real or fiction-inspired by actual photos of this global issue.

  • Something to Talk About: The Other Romantic Comedy
    2.6K 109 29

    This is the story of Danielle Martin, an eighteen year old girl with an affinity for spray cheese, gothic novels and staying in on Saturday nights. She has her ups and downs, her twists and turns and a past that may threaten to ruin her perfectly average suburban existence. This is also the story of Benny Winters...

  • Midnight
    65.6K 4.6K 51

    Alison Lawrence didn't know what having a tough life meant and had everything handed to her on a golden plate. Her life was immaculate with the perfect and caring boyfriend in it and a reign that mattered the world to her, both things she never wanted to lose. After such a long time in power, she wasn't expecting that...

  • Misfit Theater Company (Wattys Winner 2018)
    487K 37.7K 53

    ❤️ WATTYS 2018 WINNER ❤️ WATTPAD FEATURED ❤️ When sixteen-year-old Janie Myers' grades hit an all-time low, she is pulled from her blow-off class with her best friend and placed into a course the guidance counselor says will boost her confidence: theater. There, she meets a group of theater "misfits" who accept her in...

  • Love Lenny
    37 8 2

    Lord Edward James Somery, the fifth Earl of Beadleton, after finding some letter by his wife to her dead lover is set upon revealing her true colours. Torn between love and rage, will Edward ever forgive Evelyn for trapping him into marriage? Married for months Lady Evelyn is still a mystery to Edward. Her actions con...

  • Compositional Defiance
    64.5K 1.8K 9

    Adalie is a princess of the aviation industry who grew up in the lap of luxury thanks to her parents' company, but when she loses both of her parents in an accident, she inherits the position of CEO to what used to be an industry-leading company she barely understands. Pressures from the board and the prospect of s...

  • I Remember You
    286 10 6

    "I Remember You" is an emotional short story that narrates the tale of Ahmed (the father) and Aisha (the daughter), who shared an incredibly close bond. However, their lives took an unexpected turn, leading to their separation. It's a story that goes beyond the ordinary, filled with a myriad of emotions, and concludes...

  • Chasing Cara
    163 8 3

    Justin has lived a normal life. Secretly crushing on a girl that doesn't know he exists. Day after day, he can only hope that one day she will notice him. After getting into an argument with his teacher, Justin is forced to stay after school and tutor. In the blink, something happens that sets Justin on a course of lo...

  • The fire you started in me
    2.3K 406 16

    Senior year is the final and -usually - easiest year for all students, but for Kate Kingsley it turns out to be the most dramatic year of her life. With her father and ex-lover back in town, her entire life turns upside down. There are many different paths Kate can take to avoid all this drama she's about to fall int...

  • Saving Annabel
    2.3K 519 20

    when family is all you have left, you will do anything to save it ✦ Tucked away from Earth's toxic atmosphere lies the underground country of Indigne. But this underground compound comes with consequences. Nineteen-year-old Raegan has lost both her parents and nearly her sister Annabel due to a fatal accident. For th...

  • Wattpad Block Party - Summer Edition II
    272K 3.7K 14

    Welcome to the Wattpad Block Party - Summer Edition II! Round four of this popular event is coming your way August 2016 and it's shaping up to be the biggest event yet! The invites have started to roll out and everyone from your all time favorite Wattpad Super Stars, to USA TODAY Bestselling Authors, to talented...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Little Mermaid of the Gulf (#OnceUponNow)
    1.9K 258 8

    When one of her own goes missing, young mermaid Miranda enlists the help of a VooDoo priestess to solve the mystery. But when an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico forces Miranda and her pod of fellow merfolk to choose between extinction and transformation, Miranda will not only get to the bottom of the merfolk disappear...

  • The Rise of The Powers vol. 1
    3.1K 448 39

    " . . . It seemed as if Saphara was no longer paying attention to me. I envied those who could get lost in their past, and forget about reality. Where as I had no past. Well, I did, but not one where I ever did anything; thought of my own free will, walked on my own accord, loved without caring, felt hope, love, angui...

  • Destiny and Free Will
    24.2K 887 8

    Destiny and Free Will - a new book by Edward Mullen. Available now in print and ebook. DESTINY AND FREE WILL is about the choices we make, the people we interact with, and the events that unfold in our lives. It explores the simple belief that everything happens for a reason and attempts to unravel some of the univers...

  • Enhancement
    2.5M 137K 101

    Welcome to the nation. Welcome to the place where everything is monitored... everything is portioned... everything is perfectly under control... Everything except the SkyTrain Holland Renner was aboard. In a matter of seconds, Holland finds herself in a world she didn't know existed. Before, she was free within limits...

  • The Unsound Theory (STAR Academy Book 1 EXCERPT)
    123K 968 6

    Yalena Russo, your STAR Academy invitation has arrived. Unlike other teenagers across the near worlds, Yalena isn't space-crazed. But a surprise invitation to join the exclusive STAR Academy opens a window to her unknown origins, making her ponder... What if space is where she belongs? Mystified by the leadership trio...

  • Inside the Atom
    12.4K 430 7

    "Hi! I am so happy to have found you. For a long time I thought I was alone :-)" Since humanity started texting a mysterious celestial neighbour, fifteen-year-old Leonard Yates had only one dream; to join Earth's finest scientists delving deep into space to meet the entity named Archer, who lives alone on a resource-r...

  • Wattpad Block Party - Winter Edition II
    698K 15.6K 27

    Welcome to the Wattpad Block Party - Winter Edition II! Round three of this popular event is coming your way February 2016 and it's shaping up to be the biggest event yet! The invites have started to roll out and everyone from your all time favorite Wattpad Super Stars, to New York Times and USA TODAY Bestselling Auth...

  • Adventures into the Future
    14.7K 313 5

    The world's richest venture capitalist Fiona McCallister learned the hard way that money can't buy you everything. Grieving from the loss of her daughter who died in the 2018 London Smog Event, she decides to run a competition to try to find a new, revolutionary and renewable way of generating electricity. The prize...

  • More Power to America
    12.2K 319 5

    More Power to America is an exciting mystery where a young modern day technician who must use all her skills to solve a mystery in a town with no power, no phones and no internet. But by unlocking the town's secret past, she may be able to secure its future.

  • Our Place in Space
    19.9K 534 4

    When young astronaut Johnny is denied the opportunity to travel to space, his best friend and GE Galactica virtual training programmer Alan programs a solution. But neither of the friends could imagine the impact their work would have in discovering the planet's place in space. Thanks to @scifiwriter for the amazing c...

  • SERENITY: Dark Generation
    360 9 24

    This is set in what I call the Republic Universe of a mirror earth. The entire story-line follows one special man among them all named Tristen Forrest. The accident of his life made him far different than other humans like him. His life among the three empires is highly influential. It will be up to him to stop the d...