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  • True Happiness • K.CH
    7K 370 51

    Will the girl feel true happiness with her new family and with the guy who happened to step into her life and make her feel loved? Start: 22/11/16 End: -/-/- © all rights reserved, -maiaaa Pictures aren't mine! Credits to the owners:)

  • SF9 Fanfiction | You're Unique (#Wattys2017)
    23.4K 2.8K 37

    [THE FUNNIEST YOU'LL READ] / [ON HOLD] *** Amelia, Zoe and Emily are the basic models of evil genius, stand up comedians and KPop obsessed best friends. What happens when they meet the rookies of the KPop world: SF9? Haunted houses, bowling, sleepovers, shopping, pillow fights and more. A few weeks later, Angelica tur...

  • Reset | SF9 Chani
    2.9K 206 7

    When the world changes, people are forced to change. They met by fate, but were parted by death. Is it possible to reset everything? To reset the world?

  • 「 Pocket SF9 」
    8.6K 367 21

    The same 9 dorks, but pocket sized! Requests are now {CLOSED} ©AwkwardGlitches Started:070317 Finished: 032818 [✓]

  • SF9 Kids
    8.4K 476 26

    Dawon pranking, Chani tripping, Inseong bursting into flames (jk). A collection of one shots on the lives of the SF9 kids. Be prepared to coo over cuteness (or not, depends). Start: Jul 2017 End: Aug 2017

    33.4K 1.1K 25

    a bunch of sf9 oneshots for all of you to enjoy

  • theory || sf9 chani
    5.3K 280 17

    trapped, lost, beaten and battered error 1701 - unable to find user 'chani'

  • Through The Lenses
    153 11 7

    It was just three years ago when it started. I was on a photoshoot with EXO's Baekhyun and I saw a glimpse of his past. Since then, he became my friend - more like a confidant. He knows how much I cry when I see other people's past or my panic if they're to face an accident in the future. Not even my housemate knows t...

  • Beautiful_ [SF9 Chani fanfic]
    9.6K 462 19

    Is he...actually gone? • Inspired by the drama Click Your Heart and Hi! School Love On #793 fantasy 2017/07/14 #454 fantasy 2017/07/26 #382 fantasy 2017/08/16

  • The Bullied and The Feared(SF9 Chani)
    10.3K 489 12

    Y/n just started going to a new school where they met the 'bad boy' Chanhee. What made him become like this? Will y/n find out? Is it possible they'll find love too? And what will happen when people start to get jealous of their relationship with Chanhee?

  • touch | hwiyoung • sf9 ff
    34.4K 2.1K 40

    » he was scared of my touch « • lowercase intended • first SF9 ff • inspired by : Untouched (webtoon)

  • SF9 Imagines 2 [ HIATUS ]
    2.1K 111 4

    Continuation from my first imagines book :) 💕 - @fantasytinkerbell #watty2017

  • SF9 Stuff
    42.2K 2.2K 64

    All things you need to know about these beautiful dorks :p Contains - shit they said -facts - a lot of crazy stuff - update ( sometimes ) -90% of me fangirling of Youngbin or SF9 ^^ What will you be once you done reading this book? : You'll be stanning them so hard after this for sure. ++binnie🍀

  • Getting Back Together
    2.5K 210 24

    "Can we just go back to what we were?"

  • SF9 Imagines
    32.4K 1K 22

    Requests CLOSED! Highest ranking: #714 in random!!

  • SF9 Imagines
    41.8K 1.6K 24

    Open requests! :)

    10.2K 370 9


  • SF9 Memes 1
    128K 8.7K 200

    good for the soul ~ Credit to the owners of these memes, most are not mine

  • Kpop Edits And Snapchats
    24.2K 734 18

    Just some edits of your favorite k-idols and Snapchats from them. If you'd like to request one just message me. All credit goes to me.

    34.2K 1.1K 21

    a bunch of scenarios with you and your favourite kpop idol, just comment what would you do in the situation. Message me if you want to request a kpop idol and I will think of a scenario for you!

  • A Jack Frost Life // Hwiyoung // SF9 Fanfic
    982 44 9

    They call me Jack Frost. My real name is Kim Youngkyun but I prefer the name Hwiyoung. I had fallen in a frozen over lake 300 years ago. Ever since the moon arose me from my death I had come to known it was now year 2017. Over the last 2 years I discovered I couldn't be seen, like I was invisible to the world. I had a...

  • SF9 Imagines
    182K 7.2K 87

    Oneshot imagines featuring you and the boys of SF9. Started 16/10/16 and is ongoing. <Requests are opened>

  • Addict | SF9 Hwiyoung x You
    316 9 1

    What happen if Hwiyoung from SF9 falling too hard on you ?

  • SF9 Imagines [ COMPLETED ✅ ]
    159K 5.8K 84

    ✨ SF9 IMAGINES ✨ 🌙 by @fantasytinkerbell

  • online trainee • hwiyoung [on-hold]
    3.3K 295 11

    " hello ? mia unnie ? hello ! " " oh hi who is you ? " ー ; in which he accidentally met an online trainee • a sf9 hwiyoung ff

  • SF9/Honeyst X Reader
    25.7K 872 19

    Just a book filled with you and the members of SF9 and Honeyst Requests are open Please enjoy~

  • SF9 Imagines
    83.8K 3.3K 21

    •A collection of imagines for our much loved FNC boy dance group, SF9. •First SF9 imagines book on wattpad •OT9 •Open for Requests

  • imagines • sf9 & pentagon [on-hold]
    98.4K 4K 62

    stan talent,stan these two dorky groups whom i love so much ー ; in which i write imagines about them