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  • Urges| s.reid
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    "Hol it's fine, you can stay with me." Spencer said with a small shrug. I gave him an odd look. "Come on my best friends moved to my city from working at the British embassy and I'm supposed to let her sleep on the street?" He rambled with a shake of his head. "Not happening." I sighed. Holly Denton and Spencer Reid...

  • Twin Gilbert
    23.5K 438 10

    Veena Gilbert made a decision after her parents' death to move away with some relatives to grieve. Now a year later, she returns to Mystic Falls in hopes of restoring the relationship she once had with her family. But what will take hold of her attention? Will it be family bonding or something else entirely? And will...

  • Smile | Aaron Taylor Johnson|
    12.4K 252 11

    In which the singer Toni Brooks, becomes more than just a friend with actor Aaron Taylor Johnson. "You're amazing." "You are too."

  • Falling (#1 Almost Criminal Series)
    36.1K 1.1K 40

    Spencer met Emma when she started working at the BAU. everyone loved her instantly including Reid. but when the team gets a case and Emma is left with watching Hotch's son Jack something goes wrong and Emma is kidnapped. Reid and Hotch will do anything to get her back. Hotch wants the girl that he loved like a daughte...

  • Clueless
    809K 15.3K 56

    When Doctor Rowan Reaves needs a new job, the BAU is looking at her very quizzically. She's almost as cunning as Dr. Spencer Reid. The team find themselves in need of her when the nearly perfect murders start. And then the murderer is after Rowan herself. And that's not mentioning the fact that Spencer Reid had taken...

  • Spencer Reid My Hero
    138K 2.5K 66

    (COMPLETED) Kelly Brooke's is the new agent. She has feelings for Reid and he does for her. What happened when she is being stalked, hunted, traced. Reid can't and won't go through what he did with Meave, when she dies. How will he cope or was she ever dead. REID it to find out This Is For CRIMINAL MINDS fans Only Rea...

    1.8M 58.1K 41

    [COMPLETED] ❝ we need someone to replace blake and i think we should give her a chance. ❞ ❝ spence, she's a criminal. ❞ the four horsemen had earned the title of the most dangerous group that the behavioral analysis unit had ever worked against. luckily for the team, in their possession now was quinn carson, the membe...

  • Profile // A Spencer Reid Love Story
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    Maybe it was just bad timing. Maybe it was a more downplayed version of Romeo and Juliet; bad fate. After all, he had lost his first love, Maeve, right before his eyes. How does one get over something like that? I had been in an abusive relationship two years prior. I never got over that.

  • Objection | SVU
    171K 3.1K 42

    When Detective Jessica Mitchell is transferred to the New York Police Department's Special Victims Unit, she has to adjust to being the newbie. She begins to build a reputation in the Special Victims Unit, and she becomes completely immersed in her work... Until one person came into the picture. The new Assistant Dist...

  • A Dirty Bar, A Dirty Life.
    26.6K 509 12

    (Rated M for Child Abuse, Molestation, and Sexual Themes.) A simple question leads to a not-so-simple relationship, and a very complicated case between Rafael Barba, and a mousey little Bartender. (Cadence Hampton is my own character, as is Jim and Ramóne. All other characters are owned by Dick Wolf, along with the La...

    Completed   Mature
  • Drastic Measures ( A Law and Order:SVU Fanfiction)
    150K 2.9K 27

    Fresh out of John Jay University and straight into the offices of the Special Victims Unit, nothing was going to prepare twenty-five year old Eliza Chapman for what she was going to encounter. Or who, to be specific. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit other than the...

  • a part of me | tyler posey [ 1 ]
    238K 10.6K 55

    "You like neck deep? Dude, me too!" a tyler posey fanfiction highest ranking(s); #81 in fanfiction, #3 in tyler posey copyright © 2016 alice young [ PLOT BY THEBLUESTHING ] [ COVER BY ME ]

  • Finding Kate
    12K 299 37

    Leaving was one of the hardest things she had to do but it was nothing compared to coming back. CSI Miami Fanfic: S1 onwards.

    Completed   Mature
    24.1K 532 12

    C A N A R Y C H A T T E R ❝@maliwinfield: how do you even exist?❞ ❝@imsebastianstan: i should be asking you that hun❞ [SOCIAL MEDIA] [highest rank: #121 in fanfiction! ] PUBLISHED: June 2nd, 2016 COMPLETED:

  • CSI:New York : Who Are You? (Don Flack/OFC fanfic)
    57.1K 1K 73

    Olivia Cordukes had been living in a fragile state for years. Her life torn apart at an early age she has never been able to love, to let go, to move on. Will this broken detective ever make peace with her horrific past? Is Don Flack the one to help her?

  • Fangirl | SEBASTIAN STAN [1] ✓
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    "i love you Sebastian, but i cant tell you who i am." [Social Media] [BOOK ONE OF THREE] Highest Ranking: #652 on 9/6 Text copyright © rebelspies™2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED