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  • Roots (working title)
    774 57 2

    Yuan embarks on a journey to a foreign yet familiar land with her adoptive mother. Little did she know that the people and experiences would transform her, intertwining her with the past of three generations of women in ways she had never expected.

  • Missy/Mabel
    432 10 1

  • Famous
    102 5 2

    This is purely fictional story based loosely on our lovely Mayor Rob Ford and his niece Krista. Krista and Rob share one thing in common. They both want to be famous. They may be smarter than they let on to be. What length will they go to become Internet famous? And why... do they know something we don't know?

  • Smokey 🐱
    53.1K 1.5K 3

    The unfinished story of a talking cat. 🐱

  • The Aquifers of Mars
    1.1K 27 5

    Earth places Mars under martial law, after a group of Martian colonists launch a revolution against the distant Earth government. For decades, the people of Mars have worked to terraform the planet for a future generation of elite Earth citizens, but now they are claiming it for themselves.

  • An Encounter in the Woods
    2.2K 16 7

    **This is a story based on actual events within a match of the game Defense of the Ancients 2. You can view a replay of the game at the right side in a Youtube link and follow along with the story. Chapter 1 & 2 builds up the backstory, and Chapter 3 and on follow the game match accurately by exact timestamps. Prol...

  • Seafarer
    267 10 3

    A husband and wife go on a trip of a lifetime and get more than they bargained for

  • The Voice
    256 18 2

    I wake up one day with an ability to hear other people's minds. How will this power change my life? This is my very first story written on Wattpad, and my first ever fiction. I hope you all enjoy it.

  • Self Help
    6.8K 267 4

    Sam discovered an interesting device that looked like an Apple TV remote in the ravine near his home. This magical device changed Sam's life completely.

  • The Deep End
    688 21 3

  • The Here and Now
    359 23 2

    A play set in a bar. A couple of a first date. Two colleagues share advice. A man determined to be happy. Their lives intersect and forever change one night at a bar. Cast of Characters: Stewart. Early 30s. Krista. Early 30s. Sandra. Early 40s. Kelly. Late 20s. Carter. 20s Annabelle. 20s. Erin (Waitress). 30s.

  • Watch the Water
    215 11 1

    A vacationing couple spontaneously embarks on a whale watching tour, but there is more to this run down tour company than meets the eye.

  • Read My Shorts
    79.5K 3.7K 67

    READ my SHORTS! ('cos eating them isn't very tasty) - A collection of very short stories, micro-fiction, one-shots, drabbles, flash-fiction and other random stuff. Call 'em what you will, they're bite size little morsels from the brain of me. Crossing all genres, and of lengths up to about 1000 words.

  • Second Skin
    721 20 1

    Everyone morning, she needed her elixir. With a few drops spread over her face, she could foretell how her day would be. She had seen her face in many colors before, but today, it was the first time ever that it glowed in a purple hue. Purple, a blend of blue and red, a divine color and her second skin....

  • Monopoly!
    188 1 3

    Inspired by jumanji and the best board game in the world! Jim, Eileen, Ralph and Sally just wanted to have a nostalgic weekend back at their old summer getaway. Little did they know that a simple game of monopoly would change the course of their lives for ever!

  • How far is too far?
    698 33 2

    The simple question that no one thinks of until they need to answer it.

  • How To Tango With Tom Collins
    18.2K 600 8

    Four best friends, navigating the ups-and-downs of 20-something life, with a few tears, a few laughs, and quite a few bottles of gin...

  • The Persistence of Loss
    1.5K 19 8

    Some losses cannot be avoided, even if you get a second chance.

  • Connie the Coffee Cup
    702 80 8

    We are propped up and then crushed. We are filled up and then drained. We are held and then dumped. We live a short but beautiful life. We only have one chance to find true love before we get dumped. The lottery begins once we arrive at the coffee shop...

  • The Kid
    1.2K 48 5

    This is a modern day take on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Zach lives with his mother, likes to sleep in everyday, and keeps to himself. Seems like most kids in the world, but he is anything but ordinary. Zach leads a very different life when night falls. He's bold, he's ruthless, and he's borderline maniacal. Problem is...

  • Clustermate Confessions
    771 21 2

    When life gives you a cluster, what do you do? Make friends in the form of clustermates. This is the story of one girl and three guys, as they grab everyday work life by the balls and seize the day. Follow us as we embark on an epic journey of highlarious antics, hardships, and happiness. These are our confessions...

  • One Ring To Rule Them All
    823 25 2

    Can 16-year-old Angela take a stolen ring from the clutches of Queen Bee Georgina George before she loses her job? "Lord of the Rings meets Mean Girls meets The Bling Ring." Angela is royally screwed. As the newest part-time employee at the local jewelry store, she can’t let another thing get stolen from display. W...

  • Whiskies & Southern Belles
    3.4K 101 4

    Adeline had it all in New York City. The promise of a prestigious new job at MoMA that put her on the fast track to her dream job and a group of friends she adored. Just before she could leap into her new life, Adeline's Southern roots pull her back to Savannah where she must take over her family's whiskey distillery...

  • Crimson
    7.8K 259 9

    You could say I've always had a bloody disposition; this is the story of my obsession with crimson.

  • Tinker [On Hold]
    2.1K 64 6

    Jared, a young man from the city's lower classes, is pulled into its magical and mysterious inner workings.

  • Disconnecting
    544 14 1

    Thoughts on how personal devices keep us constantly connected to the world while disconnecting us from ourselves.

  • The Royal Baby: Switched At Birth
    4.9K 137 6

    Steve Jr. was a regular kid growing up in suburban Detroit, chilling with his friends, playing baseball, partying and chasing girls. The Royal Baby was The Royal Baby. He lived in the royal bubble and generally aggravated most people. He was destined to rule as future monarch of the Commonwealth but unfortunately no...