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  • The Broken Werewolves: The Alpha's Runaway Werewolf (BxB)
    143K 5.3K 20

    For entire life, Leon Adler has already known who his mate is and he goes by the name Ethan Kennedy. For some unknown reason, Leon doesn't understand why he was paired with a guy instead of a girl - as it would be easier to build and start a family. He keeps blaming the Goddess for his unhappiness - and on his 18th bi...

  • The Broken Werewolves: The Human Mate (BxB)
    541K 20.4K 47

    A werewolf having a human mate has been engraved in the history of the werewolves. Having a human mate has been forbidden ever since it happened before. The reason? The last werewolf who had a human mate turned against the werewolf kind, the reason why Hunters exist. After meeting his mate, Marcus wants nothing but to...

  • The Reality Of Nightmare (BxB)
    725K 30.5K 58

    As an angel of love, Hadraniel "Adrian" Stars doesn't really know how to do his job properly. His parents being the King and Queen of the Angels Association is not helping him at all. In fact, it makes his parents question if he's really the angel of love as he doesn't see its purpose. He doesn't like being pressured...

  • The Broken Werewolves: The Guardian (BxB)
    504K 20.4K 48

    Perry Dames is not your usual Beta. He's the second in command, the Great Beta of the Great Alpha. Usually, you'd find him bullying others and need I tell you, Perry Dames is good at bullying. It's his hobby. But when his mate came along his life, there's this confusion brewing inside him. Why did the Good Goddess hav...

  • The Tale Of Taurus (BxB)
    164K 8.7K 42

    Continuation of The Chosen Ones: Brently Fritz Matthews has a lot of things to figure out. Though he's a Taurus, a Zodiac Sign that represents a strong-willed character with great perseverance and determination, it seems like he's losing hope all of a sudden; not in the upcoming battle where they will fight for free...

  • The Broken Werewolves: Forbidden Law (BxB)
    1.9M 69.8K 56

    The helpless, naive, always being bullied, Kieran Lars Lockwood has been alone ever since his parents died. The sad truth is, his parents died when he was just 2 years old kid. The Pack he's in, called Blue Sky Pack, he doesn't feel any acceptance. He's always being bullied by his supposed-family. 17 years of existenc...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Chosen Ones (BxB)
    684K 35.2K 64

    In the town of Pisces, it's a tradition where every year, one brave young man or woman will be sent into a Journey that seems endless. Nobody knows what lies within the Journey as it's not part of the town or the city. Pisces is the only existing town in the world, or so everybody thinks. But Dylan Maxon Allen is dete...