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  • The Steward of Blackwood Hall
    982K 58.2K 29

    Despite living thirty miles from London, Anabelle Latimer knows her chances of finding a husband in their sleepy village are as thin as cook's white soup. Then she discovers a kindred spirit in Mr. Fielding, the intelligent and handsome new steward from Blackwood Hall. It was a great shame that his position in life wa...

  • The Obsessive Villainess Vol. 1 ✔
    497K 30.5K 37

    "Don't touch that man." "Why not?" "He has a beast guarding him." I am that beast; Nora. I woke up as the villain of this book, destined to die after going crazy due to my love for the main lead. "I spent my last life wanting to die, and now that I've decided to survive, this world is after me?" No. I won't die such a...

  • Mo Yuan and Shao Wan (三生三世十里桃花) - Vol. 1 [COMPLETED]
    140K 3.2K 120

    Mo Yuan/Shao Wan Fanfiction The TRUE OTP as envisaged by Tang Qi herself :) loosely based on the Chinese TV show 三生三世 十里桃花 Three Lives Three Words: Three Miles Peach Blossom aka Eternal Love Chapters are first posted on

    Completed   Mature
  • The Wandering God
    345K 34.5K 135

    *FEATURED* Ao is a wrathful, ravenous former god trapped in a human body and sentenced to roam the Inner Empire for all eternity. Eternity is rather dull, until she meets a green-eyed prince and his friends. The prince offers her a deal; help him and she can get revenge on the ones who stripped her of her godhood. So...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Can't Eat Love
    2.7M 163K 38

    Lenora did not have a wonderful life. After her engagement to Prince Ronan is broken, she loses everything... her reputation, her home, and her family. Starving on the streets, she dies angry and bitter at how her life unfolded... Only to wake up in her old bed, fifteen again, five years before she died. Now she must...

  • [COMPLETE] Transmigrated Author: The Quiet Plum
    162K 11.7K 81

    [TATQP ©2019] Before being QQ, a novelist famous for her tragic works, she was first the world's most powerful weapon. Not a human but also not a robot. An existence that wasn't meant to be. But in this world, she was a plain author. That was what she believed. The author transmigrated in her own book. A premise that...

    Completed   Mature
  • Divagate
    5.3K 362 10

    This is the story of a white lotus and her rise to the peak of cultivation! No wait, her senior sister's already broken records for the fastest advancement in Skyedge Sect history. Then...this is the story of a white lotus and her ever-expanding harem of love interests in the Three Realms! No wait, her senior brother'...

  • Blood of the Fox
    33.6K 2.1K 23

    {Chapter 20&21 Updated!} Original xianxia novel with strong elements of Chinese historical fantasy and romance. Ruyi is one of the last fox spirits remaining in the Nine Realms. As a lowly maidservant in the Heavenly Realm, she hopes to trade a hundred years of service with a thousand years of advancement in cultivat...

  • Between Worlds
    6.8K 268 3

    **Book 2 of Three Lifetimes** Zheng Liuli and Luo Ren were your typical modern couple, who were both heading a successful publishing company in the city. Life was swell until Zheng Liuli died from an accident, and her soul crossed between worlds...and she became the useless teenage daughter of a Sect Master of one of...

  • Transmigrator meets Reincarnator II
    9.9K 564 28

    Modern woman Xia Meixiang was an avid fan of Xuanhuan novels. After reading a recommended novel her net-friend sent her, she found herself cursing out the entire plot of the novel after just one read. Two reads and she was ready to throttle her same-name character. After three, she blasted the author on the forum. Fee...

  • The Legendary Female Strategist
    1.3M 74.3K 50

    Eight years after the Great War, the world is now ruled by four kingdoms. On the surface, there is peace and prosperity. However, nothing is ever what it really seems. Each Emperor seeks power. Each ruler is searching for the key to winning over the others. Each one is looking for the unknown legendary strategist. Oh...

  • The Last Empress [Fantasy/Romance/Adventure | IN PROGRESS]
    85.8K 3.2K 15

    Swallow is a feisty girl living in the slums of Chang'an where she and her brother are forced to either become peasants or die by their pride. Fate takes a turn when she is chosen to become the replacement bride of the twelfth Prince, whose very title sounds like Shiebushe (someone who is guilty of of unpardonable evi...

  • Perchance to Dream
    236K 13K 36

    Classical Chinese dance student Mei Yanran found her first love between the pages of a online novel. When a traffic accident grants her one wish, she seizes the chance to transmigrate into the world of her favorite story! Bright, bold, and beautifully confident, Mei Yanran's determined to win the affections of reside...