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  • Arttastic World 18
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    i was so close to leaving but here i am anyways

  • Arttastic world 12
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    im goNna have aN ANEYURISENM

  • My Crap Art Book(Discontinued)
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    Time for more art! :D

  • Arttastic world 11
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    normally id say something questioning why i bother to stay on this site but im obviously still here so

  • Art book|4 [June 2017-?]
    5.2K 1.6K 144

    Another continuation... (Frequent updates) Let's hope this doesn't die

  • Being Pansexual
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    Being pansexual... It's all a bit difficult when you're falling in love with someone you can't have. -- Notes on falling in love with my best friend, realising i'm pansexual and a few random other things story of my life

  • Laugh till You Pee Jokes
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    Read the title. It has dirty jokes. So don't read if you are eight, don't like dirty jokes or simply not mature enough to handle. They're honestly not that bad, but if you don't like keep scrolling or read something else.

  • Laugh Till You Cry
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    here are some funny things I heard of before. so I thought I should share them with you

  • Book Of Taurus ♉️
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    This is for all the people who's zodiac sign is a Taurus. Can you relate to any of these? P.S. I don't own any of these.

  • Lemons
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  • Dragons(Mythical) Rp
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    Hi. Welcome to my rp book! this is a group chain!(mostly) This is a book of a mysterious world. It is filled with many myths! including; Dragons, Griffons, ShapeShifters, etc. I will rp everything BUT your character. I will update as soon as you VOTE for my story! thanks for your time! ~_DustSans_ out!♥

  • Random drawings.
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    Nah, it is my fav drawings in here, or whatever.

  • what to do when someone who is just like bart is coming after you
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    what to do when someone who is just like bart is coming after you

  • Arttastic World 10
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    ah damn i didnt mean to take it this far

  • Random Stuff
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    A book someone inspired me to make. the title says it all!

  • Funny Disney Memes
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    Disney memes... what more is there to say?

  • Sanscest Crack
    208K 8.1K 201

    Basically, Sanscest ships...On crack. PREPARE. I don't mean to offend anyone in this, or offend anyone because of this. Have some Spaghetti. And enjoy. Note: CREDIT GOES TO ORIGINAL CREATORS AND HISTORY. -This book will be written poorly on purpose (FOR THE SAKE OF HUMOR) -Most chapters will be written d...

  • Shit Bottomharries Say
    18.9K 874 13

    Just a book for all my fellow bottomharrie stans. Hope you enjoy ;)

  • Stupidest Questions 2
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    First question: Why are there two of these things??

  • Long Distance (platonic sansby fic)
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    "y'know, missing someone is the worst possible feeling." grillby goes to a college on the other side of the world. sans can't deal. (au where monsters and humans live peacefully on the surface)

  • Imagine your otp 2
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    Part two in my Imagine your otp prompts

  • The Undertale Bible
    4.9K 358 11

    Okay so I'm seeing all these Kpop and other bibles for bands but,,,, Where's the Undertale bible? Oh here it is- This will contain shitposts and little facts about Undertale and its characters. Honestly, this is mostly for fun purposes, but if I feel like it I may share a little fact or two I DO NOT OWN UNDERTALE OR I...