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    555K 23.6K 32

    "We will never bow to man." For years the Amazons have been living isolated from men, only leaving to find a suitable man to mate with, to produce more girls. They would never bow to a man; they would rather kill a man than marry a man. They have stayed hidden, participating in wars against men, the women have stayed...

  • Gladiator of Rome
    1.7M 62.4K 38

    Rome's hunger for gladiatorial combat has never been greater. The passion for novelty and variety in the arena has given rise to a range of warriors but none quite so like Krista. Sole survivor of her family's brutal murder, Krista is now the property of Commander Lucius Niclaus and is sent to train until she is ol...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Lost Princess
    307K 4.5K 17

    In the balmy seaside kingdom of Astolat, Princess Gwenifver led a peaceful and content existence, training to claim the throne and unite her kingdom with Camelot's through marriage -- until Uther Pendragon swept in and killed her father and slaughtered her people for her father's supposed treachery. Gwen flees her fal...

  • Dark Age Maiden
    577K 23.6K 52

    Lady Carina has boldly told her father, lord of the manor, that she will not marry the man he has chosen for her. Soon, she comes to know the power of love. But is it too late? Enemies assail the fortress, where her family, knights, and peasants fight to keep them out. Their horses and cattle have already been stolen...

  • The Last Queen, Book One
    602K 29.5K 63

    The story of the most notorious woman in history: Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt "Men have called me many things in my life. Whore, wife, savior, queen, goddess, wanton, betrayer, ally, murderer, sister, daughter, lover, friend." The last ruler of an ancient people, Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt grew up in the dangerous court...

  • Dark Crown {Crowned Trilogy, Book 1} - REWRITING
    132K 196 4

    CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN --------------------------------------------------------------------- ❝Weak.❞ ❝Useless.❞ ❝Pushover.❞ These are the words that are used to describe Princess Skylet le'a Xenlisa, third princess of the Queendom of Nyvalia. She is an abnormality in a family of women renown for being brave, headst...

  • The Rebellious Lady Fallon: Historical Fiction
    3M 70.7K 29

    Lady Fallon Brightmore secretly thought the Earl of Hampton, Braeden Kerrich, rather dashing. But at their first encounter, it was to her elder, fair sister that he smiled with the attraction a gentleman has for a lady. Lady Fallon felt crushed and determined her heart will never rule her….even while a rebellious st...

  • War Prize (A Roman Britain story)
    3.5M 127K 31

    Aurelia, a Noble Roman woman, had heard of the savage British tribes, their mystic Celtic ways, and the battles the Roman army was fighting against them on their shores. The battles her soon-to-be Husband, Quintus Acquilla, was fighting in the name of the Eagle. But she could not have predicted that, when she crossed...

  • Upon A Time
    1.5M 56.6K 32

    A blacksmith's apprentice who would be a knight. The heir to the throne, at death's door. One woman who would save them both, if she could... Charlotte was number sixty-four in the second group of young, hopeful maidens intended to meet the Prince at a grand ball in his honor. That introduction was not to be. She retu...

  • A Most Mysterious Gentleman (#1 Sweet Nineteenth Series) VERY SLOW UPDATES
    560K 27.7K 47

    When Rosalie, daughter and heiress to the Duke of Trent, gets caught in a situation that leaves her with no options except to marry a rather dashing man she's only met once before, she thinks her heart is broken. The man in question has also a rather shady past. Woe betide, the mysterious man goes missing a...

  • In Love Forevermore(on hold)
    68K 2.6K 26

    "They can have the crown, for all I care,"she said, smiling gently. "And what reason might that hold?" he asked, returning her smile. His face reflected the beautiful glow of the sun. "Well, for one, I seem to have higher aims," she said, her gaze low, not daring to meet his...

  • The Assassin's Daughter #writher #wattys2019
    306K 15.6K 51

    Evelyn is an assassin's daughter. She doesn't know of her mother's past or how profoundly it will affect her life. She's just as stubborn and ends up falling just as in love with the wrong man as Queen Kathryn did. When the Guild returns to exact their revenge on the fallen assassin, it is up to her daughter to save t...

  • The Brave One (Completed)
    978K 39.9K 42

    Iris isn't like normal girls. She doesn't care about what the latest fashion is or who she wants to court her. In fact, she doesn't even want to fall in love. She just wants to fight and be strong like the men. When one day a law is passed that girls could be knights, she is ecstatic. Not everyone is thrilled though. ...

  • The Heir
    101K 5.2K 28

    UNDER CONSTRUCTION. EDITING WILL BE FINISHED SOON Book one of The Heir series Serena McClare is an Irish commoner who lives in the small village of Brookeshire, Ireland. She has been raised there all of her life with her mother, father, brother and sister. But after the two king's sons visit the inn her family owns, t...

  • The King's Assassin #Wattys2019 #writher
    3.4M 125K 55

    Chosen when a child, Lady Kathryn is trained to be a ruthless killer. She is destined to be the English king's assassin and protector. Only he and the guild master are supposed to know. It's a life and death secret that must be kept. For an assassin survival is precarious. Life is something you simply cannot take for...

  • MULATTO (Iyila) (Editing)
    260K 12.5K 74

    A Historical/ Romance novel MULATTO (Iyila) tells the story of a young slave girl during the era when slavery was at its highest peak in the American South - the year 1860, before Abraham Lincoln's succession as president. Iyia was not just any slave but a mulatto, conceived through a brutal rape. Life as a slave is q...