MULATTO (Iyila) (Editing)

MULATTO (Iyila) (Editing)

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A Historical/ Romance novel

MULATTO (Iyila) tells the story of a young slave girl during the era when slavery was at its highest peak in the American South - the year 1860, before Abraham Lincoln's succession as president. Iyia was not just any slave but a mulatto, conceived through a brutal rape.

Life as a slave is quite unpredictable, misery and pain is the deal of the day especially amongst the black  females, this of course includes the mulattos who were generally seen as a curse, an abomination by their African mothers and some were thrown away after birth.

But Iyila, being quite fortunate, was kept until she turned six before being abandoned by her family. She gradually grows into a woman, passed on by different owners until she is finally sold to Mr John - the richest plantation owner in the whole of the South. His brutality could not be measured and hope in his household is something of a rare find. What with Mr. John's brutal son and his stupid daughter, the slaves are yet to see hell, until Gabriel - his first son - arrives from Oxford University with a degree in law.

The John's mansion soon turns into a drama house, where opinions clash and feelings begin to emerge.

What will happen when the handsome, intelligent and well built human rights activist begins to find the striking, stubborn mulatto slave (Iyila) amusingly intelligent and very unlike her folks? Could it be fondness? Or is it something much deeper? Which presents another delicate problem, dropping a yet to answer question - will Iyila ever let go of her hate for the white folks who have caused her nothing but pain? Or will his looks and opinions weaken her stony heart? Find out in this thrilling book .... MULATTO (Iyila)

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Sidoora Sidoora Nov 22, 2015
I'm REALLY excited to read this. It seems original, unlike most wattpad stories.
Practically_legal Practically_legal Jul 21, 2015
I recently stumbled upon your story and I must say it's beautifully written. I cannot wait to read the rest of this book. You have a great skill at writing and your editor did an excellent job.
creolegirl14 creolegirl14 Jul 08, 2015
I'm new but wow! this pulled me in..I must say this is amazing! plz keep writing
Seeeh07 Seeeh07 Jun 17, 2015
Even though the heart is the strongest in our body but it can also make us weak when least expected, Awesome start (:
Darkstaroreo Darkstaroreo Jun 08, 2015
Such a great first chapter! It really sucks you in and has great detail. 
Angie8177 Angie8177 Jan 30, 2015
@MISSDOUYE you're welcome and  same here..I hope you get the chance to read mine