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  • The Maze Runner imagines & perefrences
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    We fangirls just sometimes need more after books come to an end.

  • Ciel Phantomhive Quotes
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    "You aren't wrong. You fought to protect your world. What's wrong with that ? In the end, "Justice" is just an official line taken by those in power to serve their own end. No one's looking out for others. If your careless, you'll be robbed. There are only two kinds of people in this world. Those who steal, and those...

  • How To Make Anime People Mad [COMEPLETE]
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    Welcome to How To Make Anime People Mad! But, in all honesty, it should just be called "How To Get Killed By Anime People". Oh well; at least 5 ways to annoy anime characters! Enjoy! *NOW COMPLETED*

  • Doomed love Z Nation 10k X Reader
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  • Z Nation Imagines
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    Not all of these imagines are mine. As you can see some of them have people's usernames at the top. Those people have written them on tumblr. They are not from wattpad. When you see some with 'mine' at the top they are mine. So if you see urs tell me if u don't want it here and I'll take it down. I also will do r...

  • Z nation fics/imagines
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    Writing fics that were requested on my tumblr @ zslaying. Message me here or there if you have a request:))

  • WIshing Away Curve Balls
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    God only knows that we all have struggles. I battle a severe case of PTSD with dis-associative properties... Depression... I also fight various hallucinations that - I am sure if I give in- could be considered a form of schizophrenia. . We all reach a point of Rock bottom . We shatter, fall apart. My pieces are many...

    Completed   Mature
  • pick up lines & burns
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    this book is about pick up lines,burns & jokes etc.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Rejecting Pick-Up Lines
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    Have you ever wanted to just shove a boy/girl's pick up line down their throat? Well don't, because that could be considered assault. Instead use these sassy comebacks to all kinds of pickup lines! Enjoy these carefully devised, (if you call spending five minutes seeing if you can make a comeback and if not moving on...

  • cute pick up lines
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    name says it all. You can use it on a girl, or a boy, or any non binary person. Up to you. Love feedback in the comments about if you've heard it before or have used it.

  • THE BOOK OF AWESOMENESS (aka comebacks)
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    Just some comebacks really (>• o •)> enjoyyy <3

  • Pick up lines for EVERYONE
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    this should help all you people out in the world ;) hope it helps

  • Pick up lines/ poems
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    Hey guys! Hello my beautiful followers...I got these from my older sister, jinnyrod3

  • What If Theories
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    Just my little imagination.....

  • Maturity Test
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    Take the test and see how mature you are.

  • In the Mind of a Teenager
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    This is just a small funny book about how teenagers think, jokes, an stuff like that. Cover by @BerryBlades I do not take credit for some parts in this book. Some I came up with and some I saw somewhere or heard from someone. Hope you enjoy!

  • ||Hopefully Relatable Things||
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    Stuff and other things. *The beginning may be a little strange because this was originally a 'Things Girls Will Understand' type book before I changed*

  • Girl Code
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    The rules of us girls.

  • Harry Potter Zodiacs
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    •Zodiacs For All Of The HP Fangirls In The World• "Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn the light on" •cover by @Driftingoceans•

  • Insults For The Insulted
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    Don't you ever feel fed up with not having good insult to say to someone? Don't you want to say something to someone and make those words feel like a slap? Well here's the place. Jump in and enjoy a series of the best insults and comebacks.

  • The Book of Sassy Comebacks & Funny Insults
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    Its all in the title.

  • iKnowHow Series: How to be a Secret Admirer
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    Everyone's got to have a crush at some point in their life. But depending if you're daring or shy, finding "the one" may vary on being hard or easy. Some people are daring, & some are shy. But are you one of those people who are a little mix of both? If you want to anonymously express your interest in someone, you can...

  • iKnowHow Series: How to Talk to Your Crush (for Girls)
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    If you really want a guy to notice you, one of the best ways to do so is to talk to him. Talking to him will help you learn more about him, & he'll get to know you better in doing so. Don't know how to? No problem. Just follow the steps of the "iKnowHow Series: How to Talk to Your Crush (for Girls)" & you two will pos...

  • ♦♥Funny Pick-Up Lines♥♦
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    As stated in the title, this is a book on funny pick-up lines. These are for entertainment purposes only. Unless stated otherwise, the pick-up lines featured in this book do not belong to me.

  • Girls Only
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  • Issues Of Life That Is Semi-Relatible To Everyone
    17.7K 1K 35

    random stuffs that girls have to go through. Inspired by 'stupid girly things that only girls will understand' I highly recommend that you read it. DISCLAIMER. WILL BE FILLED WITH RANTS AND TALK ABOUT BRAS, CRAMPS, PERIODS, AND OTHER THINGS LIKE THAT. I have already received hat from people claiming this is a sexist b...

  • relatable girl posts
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    who run da world

  • Teenager/ Relatable/ LOL That's me posts
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    READ AND ENJOY THE POSTS MADE BY US TEENAGERS Disclaimer: I don't own any of this but enjoy anyways

  • Awkward Things Only Girls Will Understand
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    Basically this is just a book filled with awkward moments that I (a girl) experience.