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  • Santa's Star (A Modern Relentlezz Xmas)
    266 7 1

    In the greater Seattle area were two sixteen-year-old boys Damion or Dame and Danny. Cousins that couldn't be more different. Dame is a nice boy who is doing his best to stay on Santa's good list. While Danny doesn't believe in Santa and expects his father who is loaded to buy him everything but the kitchen sink and m...

  • Hot Roomies Love Triangle Tsukasa VS Kazuya Komatsu X Chelsea (Me)
    55 2 3

    Hello everyone! this is my First Story based on an Otome game so please I hope you enjoy this! This is Based on the Otome Game Hot Roomies Love Triangle so please feel free to read it!

  • Severing Time & Space
    6.8K 785 81

    MIGHT MAKES RIGHT. Wu Jian comes from a small clan eking out a living in the countryside. Despite being the clan heir, he is bullied for being cowardly and weak. In a world where the strength of a person's cultivation determines their lot in life, weakness is not allowed, and those who possess it are often stamped out...

  • Code Lyoko (male reader)
    13.7K 359 10

    See I tried to do this on my old account but it got taken down so I figured I should try and bring it back or at least get it started.

  • No One Like Noel ( Noel Shirogane x male reader)
    2.8K 77 3

    (Y/n) (L/n) a 21 year old working in the gaming industry living his dream with a friend of his ,Kevin Stars ,from high school who were both hired under the same game company and were so talented and hard working that they were both promoted to co lead a branch of the company,( Y/n) was living his dream and with his bu...

  • [Kaguya-sama Love Is War] Ai Hayasaka wanted to try
    72K 1.2K 31

    Shirou Kazehaya have been working as Kaguya Shinomiya's security detail as long as he remember until he saw another beautiful girl that always in Shinomiya's side, her name was Ai Hayasaka and he have fall in love with her.

  • The World Stone Nephalem
    74.2K 1.2K 7

    The World Stone, the most powerful artifact in the know world said to be a peice of Anu's body during the eternal conflict between The High Heavens and Hell, but it then Tyreal destroyed it in hopes it wouldn't fall into the wrong hands......but what will happen thousands of years later when a young boy is betrayed by...

  • Butterflies [Nino Nakano x Male Reader]
    380K 9.1K 46

    We can never have too many Nino fanfics, so while VR isn't realistic enough to let us become Fuutarou the best thing we can do to fill the void in our hearts is to indulge in more fantasies with our favorite waifus. Time to sit back, relax and watch as this lovely tsundere falls in love with you. As you know, I don't...

  • Rental No More - Chizuru Ichinose [Mizuhara] X Reader (Kanojo, Okarishimasu)
    184K 5.4K 26

    PRESENT DAY STATEMENT: This story was written when I was incredibly young and inexperienced, and the writing reflects this heavily. It's unfinished. You've been warned. *** Leading a boring life can be tough, but when you encounter a rental girlfriend who wants to keep her job a secret from the public, you will use th...

  • Charlotte Dunois x Reader
    41.3K 585 12

    (Y/N)'s mother was a highly respected IS fighter who was eventually killed in action. After her death, (Y/N) was able to spark a reaction from his mother's personal IS, Le Pharaon and officially became the second male to make a link with an IS and can pilot one. After years, (Y/N) was found out and was forced to att...

  • Childhood Friend (Xenovia x Reader)
    3.4K 75 3

    As a young boy, you and Xenovia met in the church on a normal Sunday morning. Who knew that one meeting would spark an everlasting friendship, even though Xenovia doesn't show it very well. But, will that bond last on opposing ends?

  • Through Your Feelings (Quintessential Quintuplets Fanfiction)
    24.2K 301 7

    An Alternate Universe story about Uesugi Fuutarou and Nino Nakano. Through love ties each other, ever since Nino started to confess, Fuutarou was thinking what she actually meant. As the two started to know more of each other, instead of rather Fuutarou disguising as Kintarou, he rather show Nino his true self, and re...

  • Love Blooms On The Battlefield (Proto Merlin x Male Reader)
    13K 251 6

    requested by Angrymarie02 A mage of flowers (Dicc mage) has appeared as caster in a holy grail war. His, or should I say her, title was Grand Caster, Merlin. Prototype Merlin to be exact. As a caster, she may not be able to fight, but she can being a Half succubus and half human may make some funny "scene...

  • My Inspiration (Ann Takamaki x Male Reader)
    25.3K 517 7

    Ever since Shiho, Ann's best friend, tried to commit suicide from jumping off the school building, Ann has had many doubts fill her mind. Some of that changed when she became part of the Phantom Thieves and made her contract with her Persona to change society from the evil that truly lurks it by changing people's hear...

  • Sounding Siren ( Tamao X Reader)
    7K 234 13

    Cory and his friend Theobald are looking at the school clubs. As they walk through casually, they see the advisor Tamao Ichinose of the Swimming Club with her pupil Kei Kazuki and think it is a bad idea to join. Only to find out they're mermaids. the siren species at that. Are they eaten alive? Or is there more to it...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tsundere Secretary (Tsubaki X Reader)
    87.2K 1.7K 25

    Being a Devil and Vice President of the Student Council fills but your plate. The amount of commitment can be overwhelming. With work being priority and with Tsubaki's mentality her work destroyed a relationship and a little personal time. With the work load continuing to pile up and issues arising will she make time...

    Completed   Mature
  • High School DxD: Fire And Lightning - Akeno Himejima X Reader
    18.7K 301 9

    So after reading a bunch of x Reader fanfics, I thought I'd write my own. It's my first one ever, so I'm excited to do this adventure. Thank you for reading! Disclaimer: I do not own High School DxD, Akeno, or any other DxD related thing. The MC and his sacred gear however, are my own creations.

  • Healing Hearts (Asia x Fem Reader
    6.5K 148 6

    You lived a simple life. Not a good one by any.means but simple. until you met the devils from school. Then you life changed. But was it for the better?

  • Sona's Intern (Sona X Male)
    157K 3K 33

    Lady Sona Sitri has recruited another pawn for the student council and her House. With Saji the important pawn, and Sona and Tsubaki loaded with work devil and school related it's time for (FN) who's basically like an intern to help out. But what happens if he starts to slowly have feelings for his Master and her sist...

  • Life With a Submissive and Naive Incubus
    1.3K 13 4

    Kyleroth is a young incubus who has been abused and mistreated by his family all his life because of his aversion to the incubus and succubus way of life. He is ambushed and captured one night while out on a hunt. His two captors are Stella Moreau and Paige Krasiński, a pair of young women who live together. What will...

  • Kicking It (RWBY Melanie X Reader)
    30.8K 516 25

    Melanie Malachite a minor character (as of right now fans like myself want her having a bigger role) along side her sister Militia work at a club. They work as girls that attract men what seems like an escort by really kicks the crap out of them and robs them blind. Melanie has the perfect looks and fighting form to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Purple Sanctuary (RWBY Nebula X OC)
    2.3K 65 10

    Nebula from team NDGO fights a sword that's also a crossbow. While visiting Beacon they bump into some guys that attend the Vale school team ORNG (Orange; also my OC group I put them in my Melanie X Reader). The leader and Nebula got along really well. It was different for Nebula and the girls adjusting at first to V...

  • Mafuyu Kirisu x Liar!M!Reader
    92K 2.1K 27

    "Nishishi~ I'm one to be extremely jealous,y'know? But you already know that's a lie~ it?"

  • Third Class (Transgender X Tatenashi)
    16.4K 459 19

    It is said that only females with one exception can pilot an IS unit. Catch is Joey being born a girl can pilot them as well even though he was raised as a boy. Nervous entering a school being the second boy in the school is making him nervous. But like everyone he has goals and works hard. Doesn't want anyone to get...

    Completed   Mature
  • Strawberry Yandere (Kokoa X Male)
    64.5K 1.9K 33

    Not Yandere. That's just a joke. Kokoa has had one goal in her mind for the last few years. It's to have her sister back. The one that decided to move away from her. Not adjusting to the pink "Outer" Moka she wants her back because she has no one else. However, she has a boy who's secretly a half breed trying to help...

    Completed   Mature
  • Angel On Edge (Irina X Reader)
    248K 3.7K 36

    A boy who has an Excalibur Sword in his family. After one night his parents died and he was forced to move away from two good friends. One of those being his crush. He only has his sword to protect. Eventually he becomes a Devil in order to have his life saved. Problem being is one childhood friend is a Devil along s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love You A Hundred Times (Mio Naruse x Reader)
    61.2K 926 9

    Living life as if blindfolded, will only lead to an impending truth to be unveiled, but at the cost of devastation. (Y/n) learned just that, and through finding his truth through the anger of his loss, he learned of his true identity. (Y/n) is the scion of the time long past Grim Reaper. Other wised known as the God...

  • My Girlfriend Is A Demon Lord!
    5.6K 146 18

    18 year old Alex Webber is your ordinary transfer student. Coming down to japan from overseas, he arrived in Tokyo with high hopes and a bright eyed attitude. Just starting the second semester of 12th grade, Alex is on a steady grind to graduation. With three new kids walking into class, what was a regular day, finish...

  • Addict(s) in recovery. 💪🏼❤️
    21 1 1

    She is from ayto and is currently 1 year clean and I thought this was important to share. (None of what I am posting belongs to me!)

  • Male Reader X Highschool DXD
    442 12 1

    The tittle pretty much sums it up,the main pairing will be Asia I do not own the artwork I use or own highschool DxD