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  • The Devil Billionaire's Empress 2 (Her Golden Bullet) S O O N
    5.5K 162 2

    The SEASON 2 of The Devil Billionaire's Empress Please make sure that you have read the SEASON 1. I'm so excited for this story. Based from the picture, I hope you could picture out this season. _Yenyen ________________ Date started: ~ Date finished: ~

  • The Devil Billionaire's Empress (COMPLETED)
    262K 7.5K 61

    Do you know how to love a Devil? If you wanna know, I'll show you you how to do. Do Not Look At His Eyes, If You Do... I DARE YOU NOT TO FALL WITH THE DEVIL HIM "I am an evil.. that is how people describe me, I run businesses around the world and an Underground Empire. Wher...

  • Furi: The Huntres Princess (COMPLETED)
    5.7K 426 54

    King Everette y Novelle The Princess Whose gonna hunt you till your dreams Completed Start: 11/23/2020 Finish: 04/25/2021 Love, Murmur of Sympathy @hanshy_bunchy

    Completed   Mature
  • Take Me Back,Mr.Viotto
    515 119 18

    "I can do whatever it takes just to make you alive" "Simple lang ako at di ko kaylangan ng isang tulad mo" What if two people collide with different attitude and alikes,Are they going to be fitted?or they just have to try another shoes to be filled? Ps.Daredevil Agency