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  • Warriors of The Highlands
    105 8 4

    This is a Real Person Fanfic set in an alternative universe. I do not own ANY of these actors! They are good people so don't hold them accountable for anything that happens in this story as it is a work of non- fiction. Some of the actors are Richard armitage, aidan turner, Dean O'Gorman, Jed Brophy James Nesbitt...

  • Life Down And Up
    564 32 11

    Frisk, being the fallen child, had a lot to tell. She'd lived with monsters by her side throughout her journey. But now, her life continues back again in the surface.

  • The Strange and Terrible Misadventures of One Direction: A Parody of the British Boy Band 1D
    31 2 1

    What you are hopefully about to swipe over and continue your endless search for worthy fan-girlyness works about the boy band One Direction, is an awful, horrible twist in 1D fan-fiction. If you continue down this path, let me just prepare you enough to understand the awkwardness that is 'bout to go down. This unfort...

  • The spectacular diary of the grand Papyrus! | Undertale
    3.9K 215 3

    {This whole story (including the title) is written in the point of view of a skeleton named Papyrus from the game Undertale. I hope you will enjoy the story :3}

  • Whatever It Takes || Jurassic World Fanfiction
    17.8K 379 14

    Amy is a zoologist who just happens to have the coolest job imaginable. She works with dinosaurs. As a top care-taker at Jurassic World, she works with several creatures as the park blossoms into one of the world's largest visited amusement parks. Her favorite is possibly the largest -a male Spinosaurus named Seether...