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  • Not Cinderella's Type
    1M 40.5K 22

    Indy Zimmerman has a new stalker who won't leave her alone no matter what she says to him. Never mind the fact that he's one of the most popular guys at school, she's positive Bryant Bailey is only attempting to appease his own conscience after pretty much destroying her life. But when Bryant doesn't back down and co...

  • reasons to love him {completed}
    785 122 11

    when the stars burn out, the sky falls, and the world ends, there's nothing in this world that has the ability to end my life except him. he has my heart, my brain, my soul, and the ability to wreck it. meaning vulnerability was a reason to not love him.

  • Life As A Nigerian Kid (Short Story)
    2.6K 150 7

    Anurife Motunriyo the darkskinned african gal . she had been mocked her whole life, well atleast until highschool .

  • She's With Me
    86.5M 3.2M 65

    | ranked #1 | 08.27.2015| | completed | 08.25.2016| | winner of a Talk of the Town WATTY 2016 | | Winner of The 2016 Fiction Awards "Best Teen Fiction" | When Amelia Collins moves to a new town to escape her dark past, she just wants to keep her head down and finish her senior year. Her plans change drastically whe...

  • Ashton and Grace
    223K 16.6K 17

    The wrong number led to the right person.

  • Noah and Leigh
    1.9M 125K 35

    A collection of notes, a public library, two teenagers, and zero spoken communication.

  • Chasing Red
    162M 5.3M 82

    Chasing Red is now published and Always Red will be published in November 2017! Available in ebook and paperback on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks and Google Play. Links on my profile :) * When cynical straight-A college student Veronica Strafford gets kicked out of her apartment, notorious basketbal...

  • Sweet Revenge
    6.9M 215K 41

    Samantha Peterson has wealthy parents. Her so called friends not only murder her parents, but rob them and become wealthy themselves. Three years after this Samantha returns for revenge. However shes changed her appearance and name. Samantha Peterson is gone and in her place is Victoria Strickings [Highest Ranking; #1...

  • The Girl Who Read [And the Boy Who Kissed Her]
    387K 19.2K 15

    She was quiet, and lived in the small neighborhood bookstore. And he watched her, every day. Pick up a book, read page by page, tears streaming down her face, or laughter, sweet, melodic laughter come out of her mouth. And he loved her. So much. So one day, he does the unthinkable to the girl he believed thought him t...

  • The Bad Boy Stole My Notebook
    7.7M 305K 25

    Lilah is the plain, simple girl that no one notices. She's just another face in the crowd, nothing more. Her world is very different from the ones of her two best friends, which causes them to rarely see each other. So, they share a notebook. They write their feelings and their secrets in this notebook and it is only...

  • The Hoodie Girl | ✓
    46.3M 1.8M 63

    [ Wattys 2016 Collector's Edition Winner! ] [ TFA 2016 Runaway Prize Winner! ] [ Completed 9 Jan 2017 ] "We put on a fake smile to hide the pain, yet we wish someone would look closely enough and see how broken we really are inside." Socially awkward is a phrase that she'd use to describe herself. Meet Wren Martin. S...

  • Kiss Cam
    4M 141K 48

    To Riley, boys like Asher don't fall for girls like her. She's the average girl, with nothing that makes her stand out. Asher is the boy who everybody wants to be friends with. He's reckless and headstrong. So, what would a boy like Asher be doing with a girl like Riley? "Let's do this."

  • Bad Boy Judah {Old Version}
    5.3M 200K 50

    «I'll play you like a toy. I'll fiddle you like a violin. Then, I'll break you like a stick. And you'll love it 'til the end.» Those were his exact words. © copyright 2016. ẍ ⚠mature content (follow me to read private chapters)

    Completed   Mature
  • Starstruck
    17 1 1

  • Mr. Bad Boy Saw Me Naked
    5.5M 178K 39

    NOT COMPLETED THE BEGINNING OF THE STORY IS VERY BAD, BUT ,AS YOU READ, THE STORY KEEPS ON GETTING BETTER AND BETTER! Spellings: Ayato: Ay-ato Jemima: Je-me-ma Adaline: wrote as "Adaline" but spelled as "Adeline" - - - " He was standing there in all his glory while I was standing here in all my ...nakedness..." This s...

  • Immortality
    19 1 1

    young Silas Shade soon realizes he is no ordinary teen when a very strange man takes him to a place above oblivion. He starts to notice weird things every time he is angry, sad, happy and weirdly in love. in a world where the supernatural becomes natural Silas hears of his father and the prophecy of the last necroknig...

  • Bad Boy ~ Good Girl
    613 11 4

    What happens when Tyler's ex boyfriend comes back to town and tries to befriend her? Can he win her trust? Will she ever be able to move on and forgive him for breaking her heart?

  • Wishes Ungranted
    9 1 4

    Mead, an introverted boy of 19 decides that he needs to socialise but unfortunately for him, his plans are too big for him.

  • The Bucket List
    19.4M 589K 42

    Ellie is one of those nerds who blocked herself away from people and studied non-stop ever since her mother passed away. During her senior year, she decided to make a bucket list to change the way her life is and soon she finds herself making a deal that she'd regret with the most popular and hot-tempered boy in the s...

  • Bad Boy Good Girl Cliche
    6.5K 119 8

    Skylar was a regular girl, well if you count living in rich posh family, having thirty cars, having about ten maids, and being the richest family in the country, then yep just a regular teenage girl, who happened to go to public school. Kenneth was the schools bad boy, got into fights, a player, rude to the teachers a...

  • Bad Boys Good Girl
    15.7K 471 9

    This is Lilliana's first year in college. She's super excited yet super nervous. Maybe things will turn out okay, unlike high school. When Lilliana goes to her new college, she meets a boy. The bad boy, Kian Lawley, who's a year older than her. She's heard rumors about him, but she isn't sure if they are true. Kian an...

  • It All Started with a Jacket (On Hold)
    1M 40.2K 18

    Based On True Events Bad boy, Wyatt Matthews, is as bad as bad can be. He's hot, so hot the sun can kiss his ass. He has a reputation that he can live up until death. He's as popular as a celebrity, envy by guys and lust for girls. And he's so rich, he can do just about anything, and get away with it without so much a...

  • Bad Boy's Game
    43.7M 740K 22

    He lit his cigarette, I lit nothing. He drank alcohol, I drank water. He smirked, I smiled. He didn't love me, I didn't love him. He and I together wouldn't last a day. And then the game started... He said he found me intriguing, unique, and interesting because I didn'...

  • The Guy Next Door (COMPLETED)
    21.2M 594K 73

    "Every good girl wants a bad boy who is good only for her." "Every bad boy wants a good girl who is bad only for him." "Whenever you are looking for love don't look too far he might be right next door." Clara Wilson is your typical clichéd teen fiction protagonist with exactly two friends, no social life...

  • Mr. Popular and I
    9.3K 143 11

    Jessica's never really liked someone before. So its bad that her first actual big crush was on the most popular boy in school, Michael Larsen. So what happens when Michael actually notices her? Senior year was already going to be challenging enough, but now with boy problems, it's going to be a billion times harder.

  • Untold Secrets of a Bad Boy
    8K 190 15

    Meet Summer Hastings. Her grades are good enough. She doesn't get into that much trouble, no scratch that, she does get into troube but she is a girl who holds on to what she believes in and will fight for it no matter what. But people change right? Things happen and we are forced to change. He's Evan Carter. The new...

  • The Popular Chic
    123 6 3

    Well, TPC is about a rich girl with a fabulous life who also has problems of her own but people don't seem to realize that until her problems also become problems to her family and everyone begins to notice but the truth about it all is that under all the glamour,style and luxury is a girl going through so much and n...

  • Sarcasm At Its Best
    566K 22.2K 19

    My name is Averly--Averly Rivers. However, my best friend calls me Ave. Life was great, in my small town on the coast of Oregon. At least, it was, until my best friend named Matt moved down the west coast to live in Malibu, California. I mean, really? Abandoning me to live near Hollywood among the rich and famous beca...

  • DARE ME : The book of lies.
    318 18 6

    do you know that one person could walk into your life and change EVERYTHING? i'll explain but first know that, all the stories, myths, legends, they are all true. and the most scaringly accurate of them all is love. whoever you are you fall into its story line... normal, or totally weird. mines out of this world bu...

  • The Bad-Boy Saw Me Naked
    7.6M 225K 65

    Avery and Josh were complete oppisites. Josh was a little badass. Barely, passable grades, rude additude, tattoos, piercings, and a wall built so hard, not even Miley Cyrus's wrecking ball could tear it down. Avery, or Avy to her friends, was a goody- two shoes. Straight A student, nice to everyone, class president...