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  • The War Girl (Mad Max: Fury Road fanfiction)
    45.3K 1K 21

    -------------------- I was taken from my homeland as a child, then thrown into a life that I did not want. Somehow I found myself amongst the machines and war. Now I am one with them. My skin shines whiter than stars, and my blood sings with the love of chrome and engines. I am a war girl. -------------------- I do n...

  • Star Wars The Clone Wars: M.I.A. On a Lost Planet#Wattys2016
    6.7K 276 23

    Clone Sergeant Mako and his men end up crashed onto a planet the galaxy has forgotten about, until now. As they seek a way off this planet they must encounter danger, Separatists, secrets, and a very mysterious woman... *Teaser* I wake up to darkness. I blink a few times, and my eyes adjust some allowing me to see tha...

  • Star Wars: Spirit of Survival #Watty's2017
    3.4K 147 17

    "If you only remember one thing, kid, remember this: don't ever let them break your spirit." -- Book 2 - A Spirit Reborn done by @Storm-Shadows7

    Completed   Mature
  • Built on Hope (Cassian Andor FF)
    5.7K 272 27

    "You wouldn't understand! This mission is far bigger than both of us, and you've jeopardized it!" Cassian yelled with ferocity. "We aren't dead. The mission was a success. I call that a win-win," Talia shrugged off his anger and walked passed him. ...

  • Mad Max: Rotten Green
    2.6K 70 4

    Immorten Joe has been dead for over a year, water has been flowing almost freely through the Citidel and War Boys no longer infect themselves or act based on their estranged belief on Valhalla's gates being open at their deaths. Furiosa now leads the people of the Citidel, along with the many women she brought from th...

  • STAR WARS: Knights of the Old Republic
    3.6K 168 24

    Four thousand years before Anakin Skywalker was born, the Jedi thrived as the guardians of peace in the galaxy. The Republic, weakened by a costly war with the Mandalorians, faces now another great threat. A false Sith Empire created by two fallen Jedi, Revan and Malak, has risen from the ashes of that war. Now the R...

  • Star Wars: The Jedi Reborn ✓
    42.2K 4K 123

    Luke Skywalker, the Last Jedi, must deny the love he craves in order to establish the New Jedi Order and maintain peace and justice in the New Republic. An unplanned pregnancy, disillusionment with the Jedi Code, a crumbling fledgling government, and a sinister Empire that will not admit defeat all combine as Luke es...

  • Star Wars: The Ancient Force
    10.1K 361 31

    ***A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY Sept 6th 2016*** "Yoda was not a master of the Light Side-or the Dark. He was between them." Luke Skywalker hears this from a mysterious Jedi prisoner during her interrogation and frees her to investigate what she means. Undercover for her own gain, she killed her Sith master to aid the R...

    119K 6.1K 88

    Anakin and Owen are the proud heirs of Skywalker Enterprises, the leading corporation on planet Rodia. When traitors attack their family's corporation, the Skywalkers find themselves in a desperate fight for survival. Their only hope lies with a Jedi Knight, Ben Kenobi, and his hastily assembled force of Republic cra...

  • Batman Gotham Knight Volume 1:Game Of Suffering
    371 80 23

    "Gotham City... A City Of Darkness. A city filled with muggings,shootings and killings. A city with a crime rate of 75%. That was until The Batman came along..." Bruce Wayne has been Batman for two years and he has now met his match. What happens when Bruce meets someone that can not only match him physically,but ment...

  • Lethal- 007 FanFic- James Bond
    42.1K 842 46

  • Uncharted Tomb/Far Cry 3 Crossover 1
    5.2K 230 18

    Lara and Nathan are married now and things have settled down. Lara meets Nathan's brother Sam and they traveled from the middle east to the Southern Hemisphere. Suddenly, a storm has come and Nathan and Lara has been swept to the seas landed on a spooky and dangerous island. Vaas has been waiting for Nathan's return f...

  • The Man from U.N.C.L.E: Operation Istanbul
    23.2K 714 18

    Napoleon Solo, Illya Kuryakin and Gaby Teller have just arrived in Istanbul to complete their next mission: to prevent an assassination that could be a catalyst to a world war. Tensions are high as the team attempts to track down the agents and a mysterious sniper. But what will U.N.C.L.E. do that once the assassins h...

  • BioShock: Metanoia
    4.5K 150 22

    Cover art made by E.Lin. :) (All cover art photos were not made by me. I give credit to the right and respectful owners!!) PS: My very FIRST book I'm writing! I hope it's good and entertaining! (My fanfic based off of BioShock Infinite) Booker Dewitt, a man of unfavorable decisions. Cold hearted, a snake, an unfair b...

  • The Last of Us
    52.4K 1.1K 69

    Set In a post-apocalyptic time. An infection has spread throughout the world, caused by the cordyceps fungi that gets inside humans bodies turning them into Zombies. Joel Miller is partnered up with a young girl named Ellie who is immune to the infection. A group called 'The Fireflies' claim that young Ellie could be...

  • Assassin's Creed- Instinct
    89.6K 3.6K 37

    Take Ezio: Well respected assassin, full time protector of the cities. Descendant of Altaïr. Eagle vision. Take Cara: Housemaid, blessed with spectacular powers that master assassins could only dream of. Descendant of Falco Estrellas. When their two worlds collide, what will happen? Or will a fault in the 21st ce...

  • Star Wars: the Chosen One #Wattys2015
    53.1K 1.5K 22

    Read Star Wars like you've never read it before.. A mysterious girl finds a journal, and what she reads shocks and intrigues her. Stories about the ancient warriors called Jedi who lived years ago. She reads the story of a young slave boy, and his journey from slave, to Jedi, to Sith... Read Star Wars in the very eyes...

  • The World-Eater // Skyrim Fanfiction
    9.5K 547 19

    "None of us will get we want."

  • Doctor Who Legends: volume one (indefinitely on hold)
    455 25 6

    All new adventures starring the eleventh doctor! While the ponds stay at home and twiddle their thumbs, the Doctor travels the universe! Maria Brewer dreams of seeing the stars as she works a dead end job and lives a dead end life living on a dead end street. But when an emotion absorbing pendant enters her life the d...

  • Doctor Who: Fanseries One: 1
    1K 84 26

    The first volume in the very first fan-series, featuring two brand new stories with the Twelfth Doctor and Clara! In episode 1, the TARDIS picks up a strange signal in 1860's Madrid, and soon the Doctor and Clara become tangled in stories of missing people and the statues that move in the night. Episode 2 sees the Doc...

    Completed   Mature
  • Doctor Who: Fanseries One: Christmas 2015
    205 7 10

    The fanseries continues its official run next year, but why not enjoy the 2015 festive Christmas Special, featuring a very ordinary boy, called Robert Gray, who only wanted an ordinary Christmas. His hopes are jeopardised, however, when he gets a new History teacher, Mr Smith, who is far from ordinary.

    Completed   Mature
  • Insurgent // Skyrim Fanfiction
    75.9K 4.2K 33

    "I never told you about the bear, did I?" I said. "What bear?" "The one that gave me my first scars." [content warning - violence, character deaths, animal death and a suicide attempt]

  • The Man In The Suit
    608 21 12

    A Fan-fiction for Doctor Who. In London a girl named Jamie always sees a man in a suit. Jamie knows that he is always running, from what or where too, she must find out. This man teaches her how to see the world and the universe in a different way