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Joseph and Martin Pulido By starwarsanv Completed

Anakin and Owen are the proud heirs of Skywalker Enterprises, the leading corporation on planet Rodia. When traitors attack their family's corporation, the Skywalkers find themselves in a desperate fight for survival. 

Their only hope lies with a Jedi Knight, Ben Kenobi, and his hastily assembled force of Republic crack troopers. Outnumbered and outgunned, Ben's forces plan a stealth rescue operation. Yet unbeknownst to Ben, the greatest danger lies in the hearts of the people he trusts.

This is the first episode in a new series of Star Wars prequels, replacing the official prequels with a story Star Wars fans deserve. Authors Joseph and Martin Pulido will take you on a cannonball thrill ride to a galaxy far, far away, and leave you begging for more.

STAR WARS: HERALD OF FURY reached its thrilling conclusion on August 31st, 2015.

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DragOnWriting DragOnWriting Dec 30, 2017
Just wanted you guys to know this is my second time reading through this. I loved this story and will likely read it again a few more times in the coming years. Thanks for the great read!
OwlOtaku123 OwlOtaku123 Aug 15, 2017
The prequels aren't my favorites, but the world-building and expanding is quite nice
                              So I'm hoping at least there won't be a creepy age difference between Anakin and Padmé//the Clone Wars still exist
HABIT01 HABIT01 Apr 15, 2018
I've had this book in my Library for a long time. Can't wait to start reading.
GerithorDunedain GerithorDunedain Sep 22, 2016
This looks brilliant! I've always wanted to see the prequels get reworked. Can't wait to start!
FlamingoWriter FlamingoWriter Nov 15, 2016
The whole text going into space thing was amazing! I'm already hooked!😀
k136013 k136013 Dec 09, 2016
@N1nja_Bacon  I'm new and would you not use that language it reminds me of my sister who just moved out today she said something with bitches at  the end