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  • The Mute And The Deaf
    536K 20.2K 22

    A mute. A deaf. And so much more than a love story.

  • Now I See
    6.9K 349 26

    Jerry McClain is doing fine. In fact, he's absolutely fantastic. Of course, he did just lose his job, his relationship, a lot of money, and his vision, but he's fine. He doesn't need your pity or charity or help. He doesn't need anyone, least of all an ancient abstract mythological being known as God. No, God has noth...

  • Love is Deaf
    96.4K 3.6K 38

    Farren Mitchell is ready to leave. She wants to get out of her boring town and do something worthwhile. She wants to leave the painful memories that the town holds. Then enters Blake Pierce. He is the new, deaf kid who moved in right next door to Farren. He is kind, attractive, and everything that could make Farren s...

  • My blind customer
    5M 60.7K 28

    Nicky is a waitress. When she starts working in a cafe, she meets a mysterious fascinating blind man. She is immediately drown to him and makes it her goal to learn everything about him. What will happen when she finds out his story....

  • In All My Life
    560 24 4

    As I turned around to face him, his eyes were closed but his face was tilted up at me, sensing my closeness. Sometimes he amazed me at being able to sense what I was feeling or even thinking. It just showed that you didn't need eyesight to see, just heart and mind.