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  • MS.RIGHT (published under PSICOM)
    13.6M 419K 72

    Highest Rank Achieved - #1 in Teen Fiction Slow, Funny and Annoying... iyan ang tatlong pinakaangat sa katangian ng 16 years old na si Check. She has a sunny face and a flashy smile. She has a strong personality na hindi mo aakalain. What if one day... she accidentally meet the PRIME? At ang school na papasukan niya a...

  • My fake wife is a gangster!
    1.4M 4.7K 5

    mayroon din ba kayong crush? na tipong di mo kayang abutin! este haha ung tipong k-pop ung mga korean? o kahit na mga american.. pano mo maabot un? at kung maabot mo nga ? di ka ba susuko? ipag papatuloy mo pa ba ang laban? pano kung iba pala siya kaysa sa sinasabi sa internet o kahit sang lupalop ka man nag hahanap...

  • Good Girl Gone Bad (PUBLISHED)
    37M 608K 74

    (For Hire: A Damn Good Kisser Book 2) Meet the new Dana Kathryn Ferrer. A little bit older and wiser, and a lot more confident, Dana-or DK, as she now prefers to be called-is the life of every party. Since he-who-must-not-be-named left her, DK has reinvented herself. Gone is the girl who's always pining for that boy...

    14.6M 252K 31

    Normal lang may CRUSH. Ang crush ay parte sa buhay natin. Dito nagsisimula ang pagibig sa isa't isa. Sabi nila, ang walang crush abnormal. Pero, totoo ata e kasi lahat naman tayo may puso hindi lang ang saging. Karamihan sa atin may crush na celebrity, classmate, friend o kaya naman stranger. Kahit walang pag-asa, pus...

  • For Hire: A Damn Good Kisser (PUBLISHED)
    40.8M 821K 54

    After being dumped by her boyfriend because 'she's too much of a prude,' straight-A student Dana Ferrer enlists the kissing tutorial services of the Good Kissers Inc., made up of the three campus heartthrobs. She chooses notorious Campus King, Andy Guzman, to tutor her, thinking she can ace their lessons and have her...

  • The Break Up Planner (Published Under Pop Fiction)
    42.5M 826K 84

    "Break na 'yan sa Sabado!"

  • Let Me Tell You About Lucas | completed
    1.3M 55.3K 46

    Evil. Manipulative. Mysterious. Will you fall for him? -- Date started: September 7, 2014 Date finished: June 8, 2018 DARAGON FANFIC x YG FAM FANFIC | Photo used on the book cover is not mine. All rights reserved to the original owner

  • How To Break-up With The Bad Boy? (PUBLISHED)
    30.4M 513K 58

    Curiousity killed the cat. Monique knew that yet she didn't limit herself to know more about Chance. But she caught Lourd's curiousity, too and everything turned upside down. With Chance, it was perfect and quiet, but with Lourd, he was willing to be the best guy despite his flaws just for her. Will she give up everyt...

  • Stuck On You
    154K 4.4K 42

    To Kyle, Marie Kris is like gravity. He can't help but fall for her. Once, twice, thrice...countless times. To Kyle, Marie Kris is like a magnet. No matter how much he tried to pull away, he still found himself getting drawn to her, even if he knew that she's trouble.

  • Playful Hearts
    508K 7.3K 64

    My crazy love story begins when I entered in college. It went up, side, down and full of surprises. All along I always thought that I have a freedom to choose whoever person I will love. But nah, how can I love someone whom I dislike the most? Wait, he's even my fiancé to begin with? What?! How can we live in one roof...

  • A and D
    44.9M 810K 50

    Nerdy Dakota Evans makes the biggest mistake of her life by falling in love with her best friend, Aaron Ford. Despite coming from entirely different cliques in school, will their relationship have a chance? *** In a high school where everyone belongs to cliques, nerdy and boyish Dakota Evans' friendship with basketba...