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  • Into The Future - The Outsiders X Reader
    42.1K 985 19

    Alright, I decided that instead of writing small separate fanfictions for you guys. I wanted to write a longer story. You guys can interact and comment on it and tell me how you want the story to go. I've read a fanfiction where the reader get sucked into the book and into the past. But, I always wondered what it woul...

  • VanossgamingCrew (One Shot)
    299K 8.7K 200

    This is the One Shot of VanossGaming and his friends. So, everyone the title sometimes might say it all. I hope you enjoy all of them.

  • Bullied By H2O Delirious(H2O Delirious Love Story) {Wattys2016}
    54.6K 1.3K 45

    When Ava was little she was best friends with H2O delirious but when High School came she began to be bullied by her one and only best friend H2O Delirious and his crew but when one of his friends goes insane and tries to kill Ava He will do what ever it takes to keep her safe. Will she fall in love with him after wha...

  • Dysphoria /1/
    59.3K 2.5K 23

    Born in the streets of Los Santos and growing up alongside her father, a ruthless gang leader, Alice knew everything about surviving. That was until her father was assassinated and another gang had taken its place at the top. A gang full of irresponsible and reckless idiots lead by none other than Vanoss. /1st book o...

    Completed   Mature
  • Assassins (Vanoss Crew Fanfic)
    1K 40 2

    Hannah is an assassin.She moves into a new town,she goes to a new school,and she meets new friends.But..a threat comes along the way.Read the book to find out more.

  • Vanoss x Reader -Smut
    724 12 17

    (This will have smut just hold yah horses) this is just a normal story yeah about vanoss lmao, was made in like 2015, where I sucked at writing so I took a huge break and will decide to finish it, so here yah go

  • BajanCanadian x Reader Oneshot
    3.5K 73 1

    A long oneshot. ~.~

  • Bajancanadian X reader
    4.3K 85 1

    When all horrible things happen to you, you someone that even before you met him helped you through the hardships of life.