The Gamer Girl That Couldn't Speak (BajanCanadian x Reader)

The Gamer Girl That Couldn't Speak (BajanCanadian x Reader)

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PastelDreams By DreamyPastel Updated Jan 06, 2017


Y/N was the one

The one who was different to people her age

The one to stand out, yet be in the background

That was her

She can't quite remember it being told to her, but she remembered those first moments in  elementary school. The kids, they made fun of her. 

All because of something that she couldn't change.

This girl, Y/N. She was a mute. 

The thing is, no one believes her.

Not the teachers, the students.

Neither did her parents.

They were long gone though.

They had abandoned her, she was then found alone, then lived in an orphanage.

No one there believed in her story as well.

She always has to have a notebook with her as well as a pencil. 

It was her only way of communicating.

Where is she now?

Y/N is now currently 18 years old, still in high school.

A place where she still currently gets bullied.

Not only for not talking, but being a need and a gamer. 

Her story, her life has never been told.

No one has asked about one thing about her...

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NanoByter NanoByter Jun 01, 2017
So you're telling me that I am Sub? I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE SUB!
_Purple_Dragon_ _Purple_Dragon_ Feb 22, 2018
I'm silent until you talk to me, then you have become my friend and I won't shut up...
                              The rest is true but I'm rarely made fun of...
Cupcakecutie250 Cupcakecutie250 Oct 22, 2016
When they said spiky hair I instantly thought of Sora from kingdom hearts😍😘 that's until they said he had amber eyes I cried,and that his name was Mitch😭😭😭😭
jingshen jingshen May 27, 2016
OHHHHHHHHHHHH *air horns, explosions, smoke wed everyday song, sniper, headshot, boss sun glasses* XDD
Lemniscate_00 Lemniscate_00 Jun 12, 2016
I can only think of Maes I the only one?......???.....
Ruea_Gaming Ruea_Gaming Jul 28, 2016
I'm not a need... I'm more of a lonely geek...
                              A HARRY POTTER GEEK!!!
                              THE BOY WHO LIVED SHALL RISE TO PROTECT HOGWARTS!!!