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  • Delivery Boy (YOONMIN)
    70K 3.9K 103

    AU were Jimin is an undercover FBI agent. His partner in crime and love is Lee Taemin. The two are investigating the most notorious Crime Lords in all of South Korea. With the help of a infamous criminal, who goes by the name of Min, the trio team up to take down the ring of drug smuggling and human trafficking. Or...

  • 『 Blackmail 』; Yoonmin
    227K 12.4K 28

    ❝ Where in Jimin founds a video of Yoongi doing Gwiyomi and uses it as a blackmail ❞ Date started: April 19, 2017 Date ended: November 29, 2017 Highest ranking: #10 in yoonmin tag (ty ;;) [COMPLETED]

    Completed   Mature
  • obsession | myg; pjm
    283K 13K 16

    'pictures are words that cannot be said' yes, another yoonmin fic. i like this ship! started: 03/06/16 ended: 04/06/16

  • hostile 「 m.yg + 」
    1.3K 124 14

    "Loving people live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world. Same world." Slow updates

  • First Love || Yoonmin [] Rewriting
    104K 3.4K 14

    Jimin and Yoongi have a very complicated friendship. When Jungkook asks Jimin for a huge favor, it seems things get even more complicated. How will these two cope with thinking their not good enough while blinded by jealousy? Started: 7-8-16 Ended: 12-21-16 Edit Started: 4-11-18 Edit Completed:

  • Sassy ☼ Yoonmin
    355K 22.3K 29

    -In which Park Jimin is the sassiest bitch in college and Min Yoongi, the school's 'trouble maker', finds him fascinating. College AU; Drama. Author's note: This might be a bit cringey and you will probably hate Jimin through out the entire book. I'm sorry, please don't hate me! I love my baby so much but I always d...

    Completed   Mature
  • booty »yoonmin« [texting]
    299K 14.3K 26

    in which jimin wants his booty to be touched but yoongi is too prude. © 2016, All rights reserved by @fmyoongi

  • gangsta
    191K 8.8K 29

    gangsta: you're pretty cute, I gotta admit. chim: what's gangsta? is that an American thing? gangsta: im gangsta, but you can call me anytime ;) - warning: this entire series will probably make you cry #870 in FANFICTION 071917 yoonmin.

  • princess castle 1987.
    14.4K 1.1K 17

    ❝jimin was made of heat and wonder.❞

  • Oppa. [bxb]
    540K 17.4K 10

    ❝The daddy kink is overrated.❞ PJM/MYG Warnings: smut and foul language. (Can chosen to be read as a boyxboy novel, rather than a fanfiction.) --- kinkykook 2017 no plagiarism © all rights reserved

  • kids\\y.n.m -fin-
    269K 12.3K 21

    Yoongi doesn't like kids and Jimin tries to change that.

    438K 21.8K 35


    Completed   Mature
  • lgbtq ↝ yoonmin
    209K 12.3K 46

    park jimin just wanted some gay frens.

  • sunny side. [yoonmin]
    492K 31.2K 29

    ❝why did you throw a book at me?❞ © mygcafe : ゆ 2016

    Completed   Mature
  • in the end. [yoonmin]
    183K 12.4K 38

    ❝in which, he regrets everything he didn't do.❞ *sequel to sunny side* © mygcafe : ゆ 2017

  • boys | yoonmin
    435K 32.9K 33

    "is it okay to like boys?" NO TRANSLATIONS. lowercase intended. started march 2016.

  • divine ; yoonmin
    421K 37.8K 39

    their story starts with a pond; one naked and the other undoubtedly intrigued

    Completed   Mature
  • time's up. | yoonmin
    792K 51.5K 33

    Every second counts.

  • aesthetics - Yoonmin + Namjin
    215K 10.6K 39

    In which Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, and Taehyung get to model with Namjoon, Hoseok, and Yoongi who are their favorite "celebrities". 🌟 as of 12/2/18 #121 in #aesthetics ⭐as of 10/21/18 #193 in #aesthetics

  • Little Prince || YoonMin
    106K 7.7K 13

    "Call me what you did when we were kids, call me little prince again." 8.17.2016

  • Photos || YoonMin
    65.6K 4.5K 8

    "I'm here to show you this photo album, of your future." 6.6.2016 Short story; 7 parts. ~completed. #Wattys2016

  • twenty five + [ yoonmin ]
    70.6K 3.8K 12

    "you can run your fingers through my hair." + yoongi is quite fond of his cute next door neighbour jimin, whom is running away with yoongi's heart in his hands.

  • instagram dm | yoonmin
    1M 64.8K 120

    agustd liked your photo. agustd commented: damn you're cute agustd started following you. this book is cringy stay away 『Completed』

    Completed   Mature
  • undelivered ;; ym
    115K 7.8K 13

    「the classic chat conversation ff」 - trigger warning; this story contains suicidal thoughts. please, if you cannot bear these kind of stories I recommend you not to read this. another note; this story contains short chapters as example, text messages, meaning it's a short story - © taehyunq 2015 completed; 22.01.2016 ...

  • Straight {Yoonmin}
    28.4K 2.3K 13

    Yoongs has added May🎀 into the group chat 'aye lmao' Yoongs: Jiminie this is my girlfriend May🎀: It's nice to finally meet you ^.^ Jimin: can u buy bleach if you aren't of legal age cause I'm boutta get so lit my insides will feel like they were lit on fire if u know what I mean☠️ ---------------- In which Jimin is...

  • 𝐃𝐄𝐀𝐑 / myg + pjm
    94.9K 8.6K 11

    'dear, min yoongi.' @artyoongi

    Completed   Mature
  • Tweets || yoonmin
    517K 25.4K 48

    In which Jimin talks about Yoongi in his tweets. ━ highest rankings ;; ➳ [180811] #1 in Tweet ➳ [170616] #29 in Random {warning: this book can make you cringe but if you love fluff then here it is}

  • sweet | yoonmin
    128K 9K 17

    "sugar is sweet just like you" based off the anime ore monogatari. NO TRANSLATIONS. lowercase intended. started april 2016.

  • Cannibal II Yoonmin
    1.3M 101K 70

    "So are you a zombie or something?" "No, I just really like the taste of humans." *** Yoonmin and other ships. Portuguese translation: @zincostan Spanish translation: @CreepyGirl02 German translation: @Nayoko212 French translation: @aKAOxz and @Dooly_94 Italian translati...

    Completed   Mature