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  • Undercover Tryst (Aizawa X OC)
    810 29 3

    Night Claw (Tamami Mori/OC) is a known cat burglar stealing classified items from the government for the Mafia. After Pro Hero Eraserhead successfully catches her, the board decides to strike a deal with her to cooperate with them in an undercover mission to retrieve the stolen items. She'd be paired up with no other...

  • ART! (the squeakuel) ✔
    5.8K 522 207

    [OLD ART WARNING] The rare and threatening double davis.

  • Eaton
    31.7K 922 30

    Follow Tobias Eaton through his life with his father in a stifling community where the only thing keeping him above the water is his friendship with the Pedrads and the Priors. This story is set in the modern world

  • Celebrity Bootcamp
    1.4K 66 3

    Our goal is to transform your wanna-be dreams into fame. So lace up your boots it's going to be a long journey. [ a series of characters' stories that intwine]

  • The Girl Who Wrote The Dating Manual
    463K 21K 33

    *Watty Awards 2015 Winner* Ever since Candice Sinclair started college, her life has consisted of books, studying and classes. She's never had time for romance, but she doesn't believe in love, anyway. Brought up in a life where true love didn't exist, she lost hope in ever finding her Prince Charming. That is until...

  • obsessions
    144K 12.4K 109

    nora's obsessed with jane, matt with video games, gary with books and holy with drugs. © 2015 huttriver [lowercase intended] cover by don (oxforder)

  • Wild Thing (Lesbian Story) (GirlxGirl)
    625K 22.3K 30

    After the death of her last living parent and getting known by an American modeling company, Hungarian Mira Caspari sets off to move to the United States with her older sister who is a cosmetic surgeon and her younger teenage sister. Coming to America, Mira Caspari thought it'd be a fun experience and that it'd change...

  • The Right Thing To Do (Markiplier's Priority Sequel)
    9.6K 411 22

    My name is Arie McLoughlin...well it should've have been in 15 days. Against my own desire, I now carry a rock on my finger ...and it doesn't belong to Sean.

  • Dying Flames
    370K 12.9K 73

    *Rewrite* Tris- A broken servant girl who continues to be auctioned from person to person. With no individuality or freedom, she is devoted to a life with abusive masters and a life with many stepping stones. Finally, she is to be resold at the annual auction. Four- A quiet, antisocial master of a laseerge property...

  • Markipliers Priority
    82.5K 3.3K 39

    **Notice: this is a rough of the story, it will have mistakes here and there so please don't be alarmed, this is not meant to be a professional or final copy, although it is in the works to be published sometime soon! Thank you!** One year ago, I would have laughed if you told me I would be a survivor in a zombie apoc...

  • Be Careful. Don't Die! (The Maze Runner/Newt Fan Fiction)
    46.5K 1.4K 18

    "Real obstacles don't take you in circles. They can be overcome. Invented ones are like a maze" Her name is Khali. At least it is now. The only girl in the pack of Gladers. None of the boys are particularly surprised, she was one of the first Gladers there. But she's the mistake. And W.C.K.D wants her dead. Yet with N...

  • Adopted by Markiplier
    14.7K 1K 39

    When Maya runs away from her abusive home life, she runs into Markiplier out on the street! What will happen when he takes a liking to her? Cover by @Killer_Mendes

  • Maze Runner Preferences
    2.1M 39.4K 82

    Preferences for Thomas, Newt, Minho, Gally, and Alby girls! - discontinued -

  • Baby Cullens?!
    156K 1.4K 23

    Okay guys, this is just a spinoff of my fan-fiction ‘Yet Another Cullen/Black”. I want to finally write about some babies, but can’t since...well, there aren’t any babies. So, let me paint a little scene for you. Let’s say one of the Volturi guards had the ability to change matter and reverse age. And let’s say he mad...

  • Daughter of the Games (Sequel to Pregnant in the Games)
    1M 34K 31

    Crystal Erwin is known as the Daughter of the Games; the child born in the arena. She's been told her entire life that her real father is dead. However, when her friend pulls out an old Hunger Games tape, Crystal realizes that her mom has been lying to her. It becomes her mission to find her real father. But what she...