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  • Dare Mikasa Ackerman [ ON HOLD ]
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    Dare Me.

  • How to annoy a fangirl
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    COVER DONE BY FOREVERLARK ....THIS IS NOT MY OPINION Just some things you might not want to say around a fan girl.

  • Zodiac Signs: 2
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    This i s my second zodiac book! I hope that you guys will continue to read them and be nice! Thank you all so much. ~I get most of these chapters from tumblr so yeah.~ ~I'm a gemini~ Thank you for reading!!!

  • Attack On Butler (Black Butler & Attack on Titan crossover)
    50K 1.8K 59

    Ciel: Didn't the Title make it easy enough to understand? It's a bloody crossover. Eren: THE TITAN?! Levi: Oi. Shut up brat, eyepatch. said Title Eren: TITAN?! Ciel: Eyepatch? Alois: W- what even? Armin: It's better we don't ask when they get like this... Mikasa: this is true. Sebastion: My young master can get a bit...

  • Attack on Titan: Truth or Dare?
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    Another book? Yup because the second was is coming in close... Im doing this one a bit different though.

  • Attack on Titan: truth or dare
    217K 6.3K 92

    Dare attack on titan

  • Finding Mikasa (Currently Under Renovations)
    79.6K 2.6K 27

    Before Eren's mother died, Mikasa promised her that she would protect Eren and keep him out of trouble. But when Eren says he doesn't need her around anymore, everything changes. The next morning Mikasa is nowhere to be found. Levi and Eren must set out to find her, but will they be able to get to her before the tita...

  • Shattered - a Fairy Tail Fanfiction
    91.2K 2K 38

    "Lucy, get away from there!" I heard Levy's faint scream, but I never listened. "Lucy, do you wanna kill yourself? Get away from there!" Cana joined in, as well as the other's, but I still didn't listen. "Luce!" I heard the one voice I did not want to hear, and this voice sealed my future, so I jumped right into the...

  • Zodiac Signs
    3.8M 160K 252

    Anything about your zodiac sign! It might be spot on or totally different, who knows? What is your sign? (I get a lot of these from Tumblr, I don't take credit for any of them.) I will try an update every week, 3 to 4 times a week, depending on how I am feeling. I am a Gemini!!

  • Attack On Titan: Truth or Dare
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    Leave in the comment section a truth or dare? First 3 dares are from me so yea!

  • Chat Room (Harry Potter / Doctor Who / Avengers / Percy Jackson
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    The title is self-explanatory. Weird updates- I pretty much update whenever I want. Sorry.

  • Emo Zodiacs
    3.3M 183K 138

    Have you ever wondered what fall out boy song you are? Desperate to know which green day video is most like you? Well, now you can find out, all by the power of your zodiac sign! THIS IS JUST FOR FUN PLS DON'T TAKE IT SO SERIOUSLY Y'ALL NEED TO FIND SOME CHILL HONESTLY. [I make all of these myself] -DM requests-

  • Ask Fairy Tail
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    Ask anything that you guys want! Fairy Tail is open and taking questions! Have fun my ducklings ^_^

  • What If Fairy Tail Had FACEBOOK
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    What if the members of the number 1 guild in Fiore joined Facebook?! Well they did and here is what happened! Join the members of Fairy Tail and have front row seats to their addiction to the one and only Facebook. Watch through the Facebook Fights, Chats, Laughs, Cries and mostly every other emotion!

    Completed   Mature
  • Ask Attack on titan
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    I do not own any of the characters or the title "attack on titan" everything belongs to hajime Isayama. except for my creative funny mind ROCK ON... CHERRIO! AND ENJOY MY BOOK... MAKE SURE TO LEAVE SOME DARES OR QUESTIONS.. OR HUG'S.