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  • Want (BoyxBoy)
    175K 4.8K 20

    Want 1. To feel a need or a desire for; wish for I turned to Jared and gave him an ugly look. "You're friends with him on Facebook!?". I asked, Jared gave me a polite smile and scratched the back of his head. "Pfft, what? Didn't even notice that you know I accept anyone without even looking at their name". He said, sh...

  • Teachers and Students Don't Mix (boyxboy)
    197K 1.4K 4

    "Can I use the restroom?". I asked. Now was the time to sneak out and try to change my schedule. "I don't know, can you?". He teased and the class snorted. "Haha , very funny". I said, getting up and rushing out of the room. I made sure I had my paper schedule in one hand and made a detour to the counselors offic...

  • Top Loft (Boyxboy)
    1K 44 3

    "If you think you have what it takes, be my guest". She challenged, making me gulp. I usually never went out of my comfort zone but I wanted to prove my best friend right. Even if it meant waking up in my Bosses loft after a dinner party. Arthur Chambers has lived in New Jersey his whole life and after quitting his...

  • A and D
    45.4M 815K 52

    Nerdy Dakota Evans makes the biggest mistake of her life by falling in love with her best friend, Aaron Ford. Despite coming from entirely different cliques in school, will their relationship have a chance? *** In a high school where everyone belongs to cliques, nerdy and boyish Dakota Evans' friendship with basketba...

  • Simple Submission
    1.3M 23K 25

    Aubrey doesn't fit society's description of a desirable woman- at least she doesn't think so- and she accepts that truth for what it is. She loves playing video games and weighs more than what is considered the status quo. While working she meets Ethan, and while they didn't meet on great terms he sees something he wa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hibiscus (Yaoi)(BoyXBoy)
    188K 4.9K 34

    For people who cannot read English for some reason: DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH NON CON THANK YOUUUU (I am really quite tired of dealing with comments of people who do not bother to read the TW below) Kaze Yuki is a an assassin, and goes under the codename of Hibiscus. He is deadly, swift and most of a...

  • Running Away
    1.6M 22.7K 21

    ❝You know, sometimes starting over isn't just an option. Sometimes it's your only option.❞ Taylor's been the O'Donnells' best-kept secret for the entire seventeen years of her existence. And she's fed up with it. So when the opportunity presents itself for her to run away, she seizes it without a second thought-and dr...

  • Business and Pleasure SLASH, MxM
    473K 15.1K 17

    Marshall Evans was used to his shitty daily routine at the office and his simple relationship with his wife. But after a drunken rendezvous with a handsome young stranger his life gets a little more complicated when he finds that he had sex with his new boss, Patrick. After their short affair, working together becomes...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dreamscape [boyxboy]
    922K 39.7K 18

    Kyler Mercy is free. After several years of being Jack's favorite plaything, he's free to do as he pleases. If only he knew what pleased him. Of course, Remi isn't one of those things. Or so he thinks. And to make matters worse, a ghost from the past is hot on Kyler's heels, intent on keeping him under lock and key, w...

    Completed   Mature
  • And I Kissed His Brother?! [boyxboy]
    5M 150K 17

    (Sequel to I Kissed A Boy) I'm supposed to be a normal teenager dealing with evil girlfriends, exams, basketball, and drugs, but nope. Rick Patterson makes it his duty in life to stalk me relentlessly, trying to get me to like him, but it won't work! I won't let it! (boyxboy) [Cover by: NattyKat]

    Completed   Mature
  • I Kissed A Boy [boyxboy]
    7.5M 230K 16

    (Book 1) It was just an accident. I had never meant to kiss Blake Patterson, supposedly the school's biggest douche bag. He wasn't supposed to be the good guy, the guy who made me happy, the guy who made my stomach flutter, but here we are, fighting the world. Together? (boyxboy love story) [Cover by: NattyKat]

    Completed   Mature
  • The rabbit that tamed the wolf
    34.4K 669 45

    Akio and Kaoru are finally married! one would think that It would be smooth sailing during their honeymoon but............... IT ISN'T. Akio is having visions of the past and Kaoru still has to deal with the werewolf war to determine who will be the next king. Gods and wolves are getting into the couples lives and it...

  • How does the wolf feel about his rabbit?
    343K 9.4K 52

    Kaoru is a very scary but, attractive werewolf. In his school no one dares mess with him but, He has romantic feelings for Akio the "Rabbit" of the school he is pretty and weak but, he has no idea what hes in for when the wolf want to play tag with the rabbit.

  • Our Love is Epic:Jace and Kadence
    723K 11.9K 23

    THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO: My Best Friends Brother is Straight, Right?! Jace and Kadence are back and headed to college! What is going to happen when you pair college and the cute, crazy and oh so hyper Kadence up? Bad things...good things...psychotic things? All of the above! Read as Kadence convinces himself that h...

  • Three's a Crowd...or is it? (BoyxBoy)
    1.7M 32K 25

    Tyler and Alex have been together for years, just the two of them...that is until they decide to add best friend Ryan into their relationship... Can they really love each other equally or will one like another just a little bit more....

  • I Tempted Him With A Kiss ;) (BoyxBoy Romance)
    6.9M 173K 32

    Giovannie and Jenna are twins. Giovannie is the reckless free spirit of the two, the one to have a flirtatious smile plastered on his face and a mischievous glint in his eyes. Everyone knows the flamboyant Gio is bi so they're used to his 'eccentric ways'. Take the twins childhood friend Hunter, for instance. Gio has...

    Completed   Mature