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  • Fire and Ice (First Book of the "Fire and Ice" Series)
    6.2M 143K 42

    NOTE: The story contains mature actions and issues. It tells about the love between two young men. The story is NOT edited, but I have begun with that, so please read the Author's Note CAREFULLY, thank you. How do fire and ice combine together? Meet Travis Henderson, sort of new student, blunt to extreme when he can't...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Princess & The Jerk (Fifth Book of "Fire and Ice" Series)
    19.4K 825 12

    She is sweet and lovely; he is abrasive and harsh. She smiles and giggles like a fairy princess; he sneers and mocks people like a jerk. Her laughter, good-mood and kindness of heart affect everyone and warm you like a mug of hot chocolate with pink marshmallows; his roughness and annoyed glaring, with his caustic wor...

  • Loving You Is Forbidden (Third Book of "Fire and Ice" series)
    1.9M 56.5K 52

    "There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable" Anatoly Denisov, or Tolya, used to be a delinquent and member of a gang, as the tattoos on his skin testify. After leaving the gang, Tolya had to work hard to re-build his past relationships especially with his twin brother, Dima. Nothing was s...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Warrior and The Magician
    2.9K 300 7

    The grey-haired man was gazing into a mirror. At least it looked like a mirror at first glance. It was a silver disc, a perfect circle-paper thin and lighter than silk. At the moment it was reflecting his face but as he stared, the surface shimmered and he caught a glimpse into another world. A world where metal birds...

  • Memento (BoyxBoy)
    23.3K 1.2K 19

    (Book 1 in the Memento series) All Adrian had to do was remember, but how could he remember if he didn't want to? Well unfortunately for him, he didn't have much choice. With secrets spilling out around every corner, the people in Adrian's life are struggling to protect him from the truths of his past, but what wa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Vanish (ONC Finalist)
    50.1K 4.8K 26

    Aled is a gay man in a soldier's uniform. Unhappy with the turn his country is taking, Aled seizes the opportunity to enter a mysterious portal into the strange, primitive world of Thera. Finding himself trapped there, Aled discovers Marius, a man left to wander blindly in the wilderness. Surrounded by intrigue, Aled...

  • One Step Closer
    15.4K 1.4K 57

    "What do you want?" - I asked hesitantly. The boy looked at me with his piercing blue eyes and he just shook his head. "From you, I want nothing!" - he answered without a beat. "But you were the one who asked for help!" - answered him, making sure not to let him closer to the door. He won't get away from me this t...

  • Thief
    244K 17.9K 29

    Liar. Murderer. Cutthroat. Thief. Slave. I'm all of these things and yet, none of them at all. Life hasn't been kind to me, teaching me that if I wanted something, I had to crawl, fight and beg for it, just to let it slip out of my grasp. But not anymore... The tables have turned and like a shadow in the night, I'l...

    Completed   Mature
  • Three Brothers
    543K 26.6K 26

    Alex, Liam and Marcus have spend years roaming all around the world, trying and failing to find a place to live. When they finally set their eyes on a small town, they didn't expect to stumble on a society of humans and immortals, coexisting peacefully. Knowing humans, hoping to find themselves a supernatural lover...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beyond MxB
    539K 29.3K 28

    3518 A.D. Exactly 1500 years ago, Earth had been pushed to its limits and threatened to collaps on itself if we didn't act in time. Mankind didn't know what to do anymore and had declared our home doomed, our days numbered. That was, until the supernatural society decided to step up and take actions in their own hands...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Commander's Legacy - MxM
    643K 27.3K 24

    War changes many lives and not all of those changes have a happy ending. When an ambush during a Seal mission goes wrong, Team Neptune finds themselves back at base sooner than they think, waiting for word to arrive what happened to their Commander . US Seal Declan has the burden to inform his team that their Commande...

    Completed   Mature
  • Carnal Protector (manxman, Werewolf)**Magic Shifter Book 1**
    3.1M 94.6K 26

    Carson, an Elder to his pack, seasoned and wise. The power he possesses and can call forth at will strikes fear and awe in his very own people. Mateless his entire existence, he has long since given up hope of finding a mate. That is until one stormy night he is summoned by his nephew the Alpha of his pack, a half bre...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Light Inside The Darkness
    23.1K 448 23

    Tyler is just a normal teenager or so he thought, he came to visit his father for a vacation and being attacked by a flock of birds, being kidnapped, trapped, gagged, and get his life threaten isn't his ideal for a vaction. Tyler must face his new life that he didn't know existed but along the way he needs to see that...

  • RunAway Wolf (BoyxBoy) {Book 3: Blue Moon Series}
    4M 114K 25

    (WARNING: There is Boyxboy action in this story. DON'T LIKE IT DON'T READ IT!!) It's been three years since Levi Blackman left the Blue Moon Pack and his memories of Kyle along with it. Levi now has an amazing boyfriend, crazy awesome friends, his life has finally turned around and he can finally breathe. But all th...

  • Hunted (boyxboy) (ON HOLD)
    21.8K 372 10

    Ryder Quint is a fierce bounty hunter who always retrieves the target. He was recently assigned to a more difficult task. Oliver Limdur, a gay elf, has always been afraid of mostly everything he comes in contact with. That's why he has been on the run for five years; stealing food and clothes. The crimes he commits in...

  • The Story Of Us (Slowly Being Edited)
    2.6K 81 7

    Love is the best thing in the world. Sometime circumstances make us lose loved ones. How can we go on without them? Find out what happens to Alessandra after her loss. What will she do when she knows that her father is the reason for her lover's death? How is she going to forgive him?

  • Following the Rules (boyxboy)
    123K 3.6K 77

    Meet Jace 'Man-Whore' Carter. He's got everything he could ever want and everyone he could ever need. Or at least, that what he's been told. He's Captain of the Deanville Warriors, the most popular boy in College and he can have any girl whenever, wherever, he wants. Only problem is; whilst those girls are itching to...

  • A Love To Fight For (BoyxBoy)
    317K 8.1K 19

    King has never had a family,he was never taught to love, he was never taught anything but to fight and fighting was what he was good at. But what happens when he is thrown into high school and a new family? Will he adjust or will he cave into the pressure of it all? Rowan never had a father figure. Raised by single mo...

  • The Full Moon [boyxboy]
    2.6M 99.3K 26

    As the only son of Moonstone's most powerful wolf pack, Zaid Kallas has a lot on his plate with his eighteenth birthday coming up. Like any alpha wolf, he's to find a mate and, well, mate with her the night of his birthday, which just happens to be a full moon. Unfortunately, Zaid has a secret... A big secret. He's ga...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Marine [BoyxBoy] (On Hold)
    166K 3.2K 6

    [to those of you who are offended by this or don't like boyxboy DONT READ IT!] Life is hard than normal for a gay male but even harder when your in the military. You are told to keep quiet about what you are or be discharged. Jeremy Crawford is a Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps who not only has to keep part of his...