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  • My roommate Luke
    130K 3.3K 43

    You and Luke Hemmings have been best friends ever since you both were in pre-K. You and Luke finally have enough money to both rent a house together. You and Luke don't have any feelings for each other, so it seems. You both catch yourselves wondering of you both actually like each other but you always doubt yourselve...

  • Streaker.
    4.4M 167K 42

    In which a boy with a bad habit of getting himself drunk learns that sex isn't everything.

    Completed   Mature
  • 15 and Famous {Luke Hemmings}
    689K 15.2K 40

    Imagine after two years of posting videos on YouTube, you come home to find Simon Cowell sitting in your living room. Imagine if he offered you a record contract and a worldwide tour with One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer. Crazy right. That’s what they thought. But will they let their guard down to early. Will the...

  • Taking Chances (Remember to Forget Sequel)
    2.1M 101K 38

    Remember To Forget Sequel "Sometimes you lose someone, and it changes your life forever. But then, you find someone new and end up taking chances." Copyright to _smilelikeniall. Everything written by me unless stated otherwise. Please do not use my writing and/or ideas without permission. I do not allow translations...

  • What Now? (Book 2) ➳ Luke Hemmings
    5.5M 145K 40

    What happens now? Luke is on tour, while Victoria is at home. After what would be classified as the worst day of their lives, they both try to move past it. There might be a few things that get in the way of them being together again. Maybe the tour, or people...maybe it's themselves. Can everything be the same as bef...

  • 17 and Lost {Luke Hemmings}
    348K 8.5K 37

    It’s been two years. Exactly two years since their lives changed forever. What they thought was going to be the easiest experiences of their lives had changed drastically. In the space of two years Tori Carter had lost nearly everything that meant so much to her. Except her music. And Luke Hemmings. As for Jessica Ri...

  • Friends or More? (Book 1) ➳ Luke Hemmings
    10.5M 258K 49

    Victoria is best friends with Luke Hemmings, and doesn't know he has been hiding a secret from her. That he's in love with her. With her boyfriend,and Luke, plus 5 Seconds of Summer's popularity rising, will they stay friends or eventually be more?

  • Fade~ A Luke Hemmings fan fiction
    8.8K 336 11

    "No one wants sadness, no one wants pain, you can't have a rainbow without a little rain." ©2014 darcy18ego

  • Kidnapped By 5sos || Luke Hemmings
    5.4M 171K 94

    [COMPLETED] Not your ordinary kidnapped story. 1st 5sos Kiddnapped story.

    Completed   Mature
  • Remember to Forget
    17M 333K 35

    "Why do you like the rain so much?" "It reminds me that I'm still alive." (Luke Hemmings Fanfiction) Copyright to Ashley Royer. All things written by Ashley Royer unless otherwise stated. Not affiliated with 5 Seconds of Summer or any other characters mentioned. THIS IS NOT THE FULL BOOK. The full book is publis...

  • Forever (Book 3) ➳ Luke Hemmings
    6.2M 162K 50

    Luke and Victoria have been through a lot.. and now, they're going to go through a whole lot more

  • choose | luke hemmings
    29.8M 968K 90

    "It's you, May. You're what I want forever." achievements: #1 in fanfiction

  • Unexpected || Luke Hemmings
    2.1M 51.4K 39

    I’m Caroline Evans, originally from London and I’m seventeen. My family transferred here to Sydney, not because of my dad’s work or whatever common reason, we just wanted to. I mean, it was mostly my mom’s idea since she likes starting new and, obviously, London is fairly different from Sydney. My dad just agreed wit...

  • Skinny Love (Luke Hemmings)
    2.6M 66.5K 47

    Reina is an only child that moved to London from Ireland with her mum. After Reina's mother's bad past with Reina's father, any feelings that Reina has for a boy are strictly forbidden by her over protective mother. But what happens when a boy from Australia moves in next door who is quiet and prefers to be alone?Rein...

  • when we collide ✰ l.h.
    18.9M 340K 55

    "Why is green your favorite color?" "Because it's the color of your eyes." Long time best friends, Luke and Autumn, spend their first year of college living together. They would say unexpected love is the best type of love. Copyright © fluffycashton 2018. All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not...

  • Mrs All American
    34 1 3

    Bryanna just moved to Australia from New York because her mom just got married and they just decided to move there.

  • Falling (l.h.)
    4.4M 76.2K 82

    Bri is a freshmen in college and doesn't know anyone. She grew up in New York, but her mother shipped her off to Australia to go to school and see the world. Only problem is, Bri isn't the most outgoing girl and is afraid she will have trouble making friends. Her roommate, Kristin, is the exact opposite. She's confide...

  • Anxiety Attack
    18M 691K 58

    In which a girl can't go a day without an anxiety attack and a boy can't go a day without noticing

  • The Other Side of Us (a Luke Hemmings fan-fic)
    1.3K 36 6

    When Luke Hemmings walks into Candice's life does he change it for better or for worse

  • Begin Again (Luke Hemmings Fan Fic)
    3.1K 109 17

    ~Took a deep breath in the mirror.~ I couldn't breathe as I looked at my bruised face. ~He didn't like it when I wore high heels.~ He hated me being taller. ~Turned the lock and put my headphones on.~ I locked the door and listen to music. ~He always said he didn't get this song.~ Artist: Roomie, Song Dating a Doucheb...

  • Hi or hey? [A Luke Hemmings Fanfic]
    84 6 3

    I have a past, can he help me? I said hi, he said hey...