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  • The Writer Awards (JUDGING)
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    () OPEN (❤) CLOSED (❤)JUDGING A simple contest for all underrated and aspiring writers!

  • Talent Awards 2018
    34.8K 1.5K 21

    ● OPEN [❌] ● CLOSED [✔] ● JUDGING [✔] #9 in Non Fiction [30.11.2018] NEW DEADLINE - THE 31ST OT MARCH! Welcome all to the talent awards. This is where all your talents come back to life. This awards will be very very different from the rest of the awards here. There will be four rounds for this awards. (This will be...

  • Fearless
    94 17 10

    "I don't live in darkness. Darkness lives in me." Evan Sky is fifteen years old and an outcast. He enjoys being an outcast. Hanging out with people who bring more trouble than they're worth. Then, he disappears and wakes up in an abandoned version of his home with a word branded on his arm and he finds out things abo...

  • The Nightmares Echo (Complete!!)
    300 3 14

    How dark can I go before I lose my life?

  • The Tragedies of 2016
    38 0 7

    Many adults "left" the country leaving their children displaced. Kareem Ali knows what really happened and is willing to risk his life to admit it, that is until he met Aya Now he doesn't know what to do I couldn't help myself. I started another book. Kind of dystopia or pre dystopia, I guess. Hope you like

  • Night of the Amnesiac
    76 7 1

    In the dead of night, a man awakes inside of a crashed vehicle in the woods unable to remember where he is or who he is. With minor injuries and no information the man ventures into the night in search of answers that may just be more cryptic and sinister than he could have ever imagined.

  • woke.
    7.3K 458 29

    . on hold . FEATURED STORY // DEC 2018 [Highest #32 in FantasyAdventure] It starts with the dreams... Set in the year 2060. Some stayed the same, but a lot has changed. Despite technological advances, none can find the cure or cause of teenagers passing on in their sleep. Nobody is safe, not till you turn 21. ... e...

  • A Lion For A Lion
    2K 375 35

    "When are you from?" "When?" Maybe he'd made a mistake. He had to have meant "where". Right? "Yes, "when" is my question because, in my experience, "when" is not always what you think." His words were followed by a monstrous giggle. My jaw dropped at the rambles of a madman. "You're all... crazy." ...

  • The CEO's unexpected love ✔
    1.5M 101K 52

    "You fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected times." ▪▪ He stroke my arm with his hand and carefully followed his own action with his eyes. "What are you doing?" I asked, pushing his hand away. He raised his both hands in the air as defense and tucked them away in his jeans pockets afterw...

  • You, my Punishment (Islamic Story)
    7.8M 306K 81

    "I know that we will never be a real couple, but we can at least be nice to each other Aneel" I told him. I've had enough. Tears were starting to prick my eyes, but I didn't let them fall. He looked over at me in a weird expression. Like if I died in front of him, he wouldn't care. "You don't get it, do you?! I. will...

  • Althea
    1.7K 124 21

    UNDER MAJOR EDITING. Updated chapters, new chapters, new description, new title, everything to follow! Major creds to the amazing @-averagesky for the absolutely beautiful cover!

  • The Dollhouse
    144K 8.9K 50

    [COMPLETED] ❝Image is everything.❞ Set in the 1960s, The Dollhouse is the haunting story of Lydia and Violet - forced to uproot to a new town and live with an old-fashioned family they barely know. The sisters soon discover that image can be deceiving, and that no one else can truly know the horror behind closed doors...

  • Le ballet des mots
    2.7K 757 95

    La poésie, le plus beau des messagers pour exprimer le fond de sa pensée et aider nos êtres tant aimés. Parfois ce laisser submerger, pour transcrire les émotions que l'on ressent pour toucher Autrui. Parfois lumineux, parfois sombre, tous les états possible et imaginable, pour que tout le monde se sentent toucher. [E...

  • Growing Up Somali
    64.6K 3.4K 70

    Somali jokes to make your day. Everything i post belongs to its rightful owner.

  • Somali Cook book
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    somali cuisine varies from region to region and is a fusion of Somali, Ethiopian, Yemeni, Persian, Turkish, Indian and Italian culinary influences. It is the product of the Somali people's tradition of trade and commerce. Some notable Somali delicacies include sabayad, lahoh/injera, halva, sambuusa, basbousa and ful m...

  • Somali jokes
    18K 857 18

    Somali jokes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I'm the only person doing this in this whole app but anyway if you're a Somali you'll definitely understand it not all but some , if you're not Somali then ......welcome, now you know how Somalis are like lol , Enjoy and please vote and also don't forget to comment cause I would lov...

    1.5K 175 29

    Nothing much, just the very lies that are funny Stupid And maybe crazy

  • The Story Girl √ (Project K.)
    5K 206 32

    ***All Credits To L.M.Montgomery*** Cover by @strawhat_pirate "I do like a road, because you can be always wondering what is at the end of it." So said the Story Girl, an enigmatic person, who runs the young 'set' at the farm. What with the beautiful and proud Felicity, provoking Dan, weepy Sara Ray, and the Story Gir...

  • Short Poetry, Tags and Random Stuff
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    Short poems about everyday life, nature and the wonderful people I encounter everyday. This also includes song lyrics, Tags and just random thoughts that I have. Feedback is Welcome.

  • Nerdy/Inside Jokes
    377 29 15

    I was thinking about all these inside jokes I have with friends and band mates and my math class and how no one gets them. If anyone gets these or thinks they are funny please comment. If you don't then feel free to be confused and think I'm weird.

  • My Knight in Shining Denim #Wattys2016
    620 95 13

    "Chasity, I am who I am because of you. You are every reason, every hope and every dream I have ever had, and no matter what happens to us in the future, every day we are together is the greatest day of my life. I will always be yours, and you will always be mine." Chasity is just a normal girl with completely normal...

    Completed   Mature
  • Supernatural Abilities
    938K 46.2K 39

    Of all the things on Taylor Buckley's agenda, developing superpowers was not one of them. One day she was a normal kid in school with a big secret and the next she was whisked away to a place called Supernatural Abilities that specializes in training people with powers just like her. She is thrown into a world filled...

  • Timeless
    121K 5.9K 27

    Riona Willow has known darkness and refuses to ever be helpless again. When this modern day warrior woman lands in 12th century Scotland, things are bound to go awry. But with her delinquent brother and oblivious twin sister in tow, Ri will have a tough enough time finding a way home, let alone keeping them alive lon...

  • The Dragon's Heir [Beta][Complete]
    4.1M 139K 24

    COMPLETE #1 in Fantasy #1 in Adventure #1 in Historical Fiction ---------- Sometimes, believing helps us to see truth. Other times, we need a little evidence to believe. But there is truth behind everything; every false manoeuvre, ever little lie...a small piece of truth is hidden. Just like truth is wound into le...

  • A Muslimahs Love Story
    262 33 6

    " Alec no I can't" I say trying to describe my situation " But Fatima you know how much I love you" he pleads No I can't be doing this. It's haram I can't get a sin. I don't want to disobey my parents I don't want to put shame on my family Oh, Allah help! How will Fatima go through her situation with Alec? Read this...

  • Asia's mythological adventures
    46 3 4

    Once upon a...... that's how they all start once upon a time. Well let me let you in on a secret not everything in life is a happily ever after well just not for me anyway. My name is Asia and my life used to be fun but not anymore. Read my book to know more. Also everyone should read Choconajma book it's awesome

  • Daily Quranic Verses [on hold]
    9.2K 1.1K 62

    This is a book where I post quranic verses everyday. Or at least try to.

  • Wait, Kronos is good?! - ON HOLD
    1.1K 49 7

    "Max, Percy had a lot to say about Max and none of it was good. If Percy wanted to list everything he disliked about Max we would be here for millennia." Max causes Percy to get in trouble with the gods but what happens when the Gods give him some suprising news. Set after TLO. Updates will be slow and random.

  • Mortals meet demigods - ON HOLD
    42.5K 744 9

    First installment in my new Cliché Crusade, in which I take cliché story ideas and try to put a twist on them. Starting with mortals meet demigods. NOTICE: I AM ENGLISH AND I HAVE NO CLUE HOW AMERICAN SCHOOLS WORK SO FOR THE SAKE OF MY UNDERSTANDING THE SCHOOLS WILL BE SET UP IN AN ENGLISH FASHION.