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  • the last brushstroke destroys the painting [muke af]
    193K 19.4K 40

    "You're his beauty in an ugly world." or when artist!luke has a thing or two to teach artist!michael.

  • Let Go || Muke
    108K 7.6K 31

    In which Luke and Michael raise baby Ashton (Sequel to Social Network) 2015 all rights reserved © -ymas-

    Completed   Mature
  • Luke and the Boy Next Door | Muke
    235K 18.2K 34

    Luke Hemmings had been neighbors with Michael Clifford for as long as he could remember. Playing outside in the warm California air, having late night conversations through their windows that were right across from one another. It was everything a child could want at the age of 11. Michael had been traveling the coun...

    Completed   Mature
  • Punk, more or less
    48.3K 3K 70

    Badass Luke bullies shy Michael on a daily basis on school grounds. Michael hates Luke and Luke hates Michael, they just don’t know why. So what happens when in the confinement of their own houses Luke isn’t so badass and Michael is suddenly so much more punk rock? What happens when this punk account on tumblr follow...

    Completed   Mature
  • Truth or Dare - Muke AU
    45.6K 2.4K 15

    When Luke and Michael find a Truth or Dare book at the bottom of an old pile of books, they decide to have a game or truth or dare themselves, every man for himself. Never did they realise how intense, or sexual the dares could get. 30 dares. 2 people. 1 game.

  • That wasn't very punk rock of you (clemmings)
    994 67 5

    "Michael chill it's no big deal mate." "Says the guy who doesn't have to wear the pink tutu." "Its either the tutu or juvie, you decide." --- AU where Michael Clifford, the pink haired troubled punk rocker, is sent to do volunteer work at a local run down dance studio to avoid going to juvie or worse-jail. As if pranc...

  • kitten || muke au
    148K 8.5K 48

    luke is lonely, so he gets a human-cat hybrid named michael to keep him company.

  • Permanent Vacation (muke)
    2.5K 271 11

    Luke had the mental age of about eight, though on the rare occasion he was compatible as the mental age of a eighteen year old. He only had one real friend -- his best friend since age three. Michael was a nice guy who connected easily with Luke even though it meant he often spent his days watching disney movies and...

  • Dance (muke)
    6.7K 518 13

    Luke and Michael have a special type of love. Now let's add a bit of suicide to the mix. (The short beginning of a long story) ☯☼♡

  • Help Me Hotline ☹ Muke
    9.7K 992 11

    Where two sad boys from the same band go through an anonymous help site and accidently find eachother and all of each others secrets.