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  • Tweek X Reader
    7K 184 1

    " Tweek is Mine! So hands off!" " He isn't're not even his girlfriend." " Oh he will...I just have to get you out of the picture..."

  • AU Sans X Reader one-shots
    61.4K 841 14

    Want to be in a one-shot with the sans of your choice? Well you came to the right place!!! Just comment down below in one of the one-shots!!! Enjoy!!!!

  • Zodiac Signs
    638K 15.7K 401

    Some information on the zodiac signs! (Mostly from tumblr, internet,pinterest etc)

  • Do you know how to Babysit? (Hetalia x Child Reader Fanfic)
    354K 12.3K 26

    A little girl, who gets a little too curious for her own good, sneaks into her older sister's room and watches "Hetalia" without permission. For doing this, the young child ends up in Hetalia where she has deal with these strange grown men, pasta, war, and worst of all France and Prussia! Will she survive? Find out. (...

  • Tintin x reader
    23K 555 6

    Tintin and the Captain set off to solve another mystery, but what happens when the main suspect is innocent? - and willing to solve the case at that! In all of the Tintin comics I've read, I've noticed that Tintin has always been rather mature and never paired up with anyone, but can be very fond and caring to his com...

  • ✮Life Hacks✮
    1.2M 57K 76

    Just some simple tips to make your life that little bit easier