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  • ♡Art Book 2020♡
    816 33 11

    This is just to document my art and too save my art if the place where I save my art decides to be a...."lovely" person and delete my art like A BITC- Anyhoo~ This is also to see my progression to see if my art ever changes or gets better The cover is mine so do not steal please! I work hard to create...

  • The One Death Cannot Kill (Discontinued)
    1.7K 71 3

    After Error had stopped destrying AUs the multiverse had been peaceful. Until Geno, Error's brother and Ink's lover, died. After that there had been multiple reports of disapearances or deaths of different Sanses. Afriad for the safty of the multiverse, Ink and Error search for the reason why this is happening, but a...

  • My Little One
    11.9K 516 4

    This is a remake of melonfantasy story Little One. I'm pretty much writing my own story based off of hers. Mainly I'll be changing some plot and character choices. But the over all theme will be there. There will be themes of harrish6 Forced destroyer concept but it's not the main focus. Enjoy! - Error finds somethi...

  • Tangled Strings of an Error
    6.5K 226 4

    They had did it. They had finally did it... They had finished the God Of Destruction. They were happy, relived. They can finally have their 'Peace'. A new 'Life'. A new 'Hope'... The feeling of 'Euphoria' has boiled up inside of them. The 'Contentment'. Oh how they loved that feeling... But little did they know... Tha...

  • Inquisitive
    59.9K 2.5K 19

    Inquisitive [/ɪnˈkwɪzɪtɪv/] [adj.] having or showing an interest in learning things; curious. Curiosity always change something in our life Usually, it lead to something good. For example, Frisk's curiosity about the tale lead them to Underground and meet monsters. Ink's curiosity lead to the born of multiple AU. How...

  • Unfair Judgement [AU Story] (COMPLETED)
    124K 4.5K 27

    The AUs. Mistakes? Works of arts? Curious Worlds? Or just... existing places? What are they, exactly? When Error is cornered by Ink and the others, he is pressured to answer questions. Inside, he knows he's in the right. He tells everyone why he destroys. Why he's the GOD OF DESTRUCTION... but then, before Ink could g...

  • A New Existence
    8.4K 439 3

    He came into existence here, in the blankness of nowhere. He had no clue of how he came to be or why he was alone. If he and the Voices exsisted, then should that also show that there could be much more than just the blankness of him and this place? @harrish6

  • Broken Hope (discontinuing/please let me delete this I hate it)
    17.2K 662 5

    (May 19th 2021 edit: Bro I wrote this when I was like 9, it was heavily inspired by harrish6 and other forced god stories, I also projected my own issues onto the characters- like please, I'm 14 now stop reading this!) Shout out to @harrish6, A Forced God Error story. (I hate this, don't read it, it's old and it's gar...

  • Time Miscalculation
    72.2K 2.8K 15

    After waking up in a 10 year-old body (with all his previous injuries), Error tries to figure out how it all led to that point. He didn't know where he was, he's not completely sure how he got there, and his memories were fragmented. Being taken in by the Gaster of that AU and finding out that his codes are integrated...

  • My Doodles :V
    14.8K 1.2K 29

    just a dump of artz I made Mainly with undertale related things :v aka undertale aus

  • ~Blue Light~
    96.4K 2.8K 16

    Everyone remembers when Error kidnapped Swap!sans. And everyone knows that Error randomly took Blue back to UnderSwap. But, Why? Why return the skeleton, untouched? What happened in the VOID? Why did Error stop going after the ORIGINAL Swap AU? Everyone asked these Questions. But never got answers... Ok so the concept...

  • A lone journal
    57K 2.4K 14

    Error jumps through the Void, leaving behind a Journal telling the recent events that lead him to do so. He falls into a new Multiverse that is strange but welcoming. After a while it starts to feel like home. In the original Multiverse, the others find the journal and realize their mistakes but it's to late. The Mul...

  • Thanks For The M̶e̶m̶o̶r̶i̶e̶s̶ ӍЄℓДҋҪӉөℓҰ.
    4.4K 139 2

    The Multiverse is full. Universes so close to collapsing. They - even the deities for they have lost a comrade - all regret their decisions but it's too late. Error is dying. And he's bringing everyone down with him. Originally THE END. Inspired by harrish6

    Completed   Mature
  • Corrosion
    6.5K 380 3

    Error a simple glitchy skeleton was asked by all the voices to become the manipulator of the multiverse. He agreed to it and now uses his strings to control both the fates and destinies of all the monsters in the Multiverse. The blue strings that controlled everything, even Ink, no one was truly aware of his existen...

  • Female Error Destroyer of AUs
    84.5K 2K 17

    Everything is the same in the multiverse, except for the fact that Error was a girl is the smallest skeleton of the bunch beside kid au skeletons and some don't see Error as a threat (~^3^)~

  • Short Stories
    38.6K 1.1K 35

    Hey so I made this book because I have a lot of story ideas but I don't have books for them and don't want to make to many books to work on and all that so I thought I would write the story ideas here and let you guys take them and make your own books with them if you want! Also, the art/comics won't be mine mostly be...

  • Healing What Has Been Broken (Fan continuation)
    22.5K 217 5

    This is a fan continuation of @Harrish6 's book Healing What Has Been Broken *Old verison* I hope you enjoy this book and what I have to offer!

  • Programing the worlds
    2.6K 136 4

    He couldn't help but feel for the longest time like something wasn't right. Like the person who was in charge of creating new worlds wasn't the right person. He couldn't help but feel like he was supposing to protect someone not there for some reason, as well as help them find something that was lost. What though? He...

  • Soon We'll Be
    18.2K 774 10

    Enemies, that's what they're supposed to be. And that's how they're ought to stay. Within endless worlds, created from a single source, what's the point in living in this one? If it disappears, the others won't be affected. But what if, the source was the one disappearing? Thinking about it, everything changes. From...

  • Difficulties in choosing
    38.6K 1.2K 8

    Sometimes evil is not what it seems at first glance. Sometimes the choice of a good side is not the most correct. After all, the bright light of stars is only visible in darkness. The concept of Forced Destroyer Error belongs to harrish6. Go check out her books they're amazing. This is my first story so I apologize fo...

  • How I Came to You
    1.2K 77 1

    He fell into the void it took him and gave him to the loving arms of his mother Destiny. He was no longer a glicht as his bones truned back to the pearly white they once where, the cracks, chips, and scars still lingered on his body. His tears we're still flowing, he was forever crying from what his multiverse had...

  • The One Who Makes Me Feel (ErrorFresh)[Completed]
    35.7K 1.9K 12

    The concept of Fate, Destiny, The Balance, and Error being the forced destroyer of Au's belongs to the writer @harrish6. They have given me permission to use their idea in my story. That being said, there will be some parts in the story that's directly copied from their story called 'Healing What Has Been Broken'. Kee...

    Completed   Mature
  • We Are A Family (Multiversal FGOD Error Fanfic)
    120K 3.5K 14

    This picture does not belong to me, it belongs to Iyoth737 on deviantart. This is inspired by @harrish6 and their "Falling Into A Different Destiny" NaJ story. Read HWHBB and FiaDD before this. Thank you. Enjoy (or not)!

  • [ON HOLD] Fallen Glitches
    41.8K 1.4K 13

    ***UNDER MAJOR EDITING *** **Trigger Warning: Abuse, Violence, Mild-Moderate Cursing, Occasional/Mild Graphic Descriptions Error is the destroyer, Ink the creator. Error is never allowed to forget this fact and hated by everyone for the 'job' forced upon him by Fate. Error, despite what Ink may tell you, cares deeply...

  • What once was
    13.1K 658 9

    Inspired by "Healing what has been broken" written by @Harrish6. So this will be a forced destroyer AU, though it will have certain differences. (I relly wish the tagging people would work for me for once, oh well *shrug*) Might be ErrorxInk, have not made up my mind about that yet. Error had been dedicated to his job...

  • Stars lurking in Shadow
    23.9K 716 5

    the Star Sans and the Original Council follow Error when he is not destroying. They are shocked to discover he has a social life.

  • The Fault in our Star Sans
    9.2K 396 3

    Ink makes a deal and breaks it. The Multiverse has a BAD TIME.

  • My dad? Oh, it's Erratum. REWRITING
    10.7K 527 7

    Cil always wondered why nobody noticed him crying or hear him screaming for help. He thought he was invisible, then why can he still touch, see, hear, talk and interact with a few others? Was he really that unnoticeable? Now he knew why. His screams were met with deaf ears, his crying was seen by unmerciful eyes. That...

  • The Fight to Keep going
    15.3K 720 10

    When balance is created the idea that one side may fall and be forever gone is something that is often thought about, but people never seem to remember that it is something that could happen. With possibly deadly consequences, like a hidden ticking time bomb. So, what would Error do when he finds out he basically is...

  • Living Legacy
    42.1K 1.9K 18

    That fanfic where Error ends upp adopting Goth and his life gets turned upsidedown. Not to mention how the kid will turn out when he grow up with the God of Destruction as a father figure and Nightmare and his gang as uncles. afterdeath - not very much of it