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  • Obama High School Host Club
    8.4K 406 4

    The beloved anime Ouran High School Host Club takes a turn into the direction of the United States of America, as Barack Obama, a young girl,joins the group of a lifetime. However, due to her appereance, everyone thinks she is a male. Will she make it though the school year? -Cast- Barack Obama- H...

  • Obama: The Musical
    52.8K 3K 12

    What My Boredom Leads To

  • Fifty Shades of Obama
    1.7K 56 21

    When Barack Obama, a naive politician, goes on a blind date with the successful Donald Trump as a dare from his good friend Harry Styles, he unexpectedly fell head over heels in love with the mysterious businessman. Obama discovers himself desperately wanting to be with Trump, despite his odd idiosyncrasies. Unable t...

  • Obama, I'm Sorry
    59 4 3

    You know how everyone has a story, well this is "the story"

  • Obama x Brian
    4.8K 97 14

    Read on if you want to be emotionally scarred.

  • Shrek X Obama
    104K 2.2K 31

    Shrek meets with former President Obama as Shrek was signing autographs.

  • Obama and the bra
    1.8K 118 4

    Sumtims Obama just needs a bra for those hella bug mellons

  • Obama x Reader
    2.7K 40 2

    The smut you wish you wouldn't have read

  • Donald Trump And Obama smut
    11.8K 95 3

    They were enemies.. But now they are lovers. More than lovers.. nothing can keep them apart.. NOTHING