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  • The Power Within (Young Justice/Avengers crossover) !!!MASS EDITING!!
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    I turned to him. "As long as the river flows, the sun shines and the grass grows, I will remember you" and in an instant, I disappeared into nothing. "SOPHIAA!!!!" I heard him yell. Good bye. Sophia encountered a dying sprite asking her to save a world. The mission she never really wanted. After an accident, she was...

  • A Story Retold [Old Version/ Discontinued]
    23.3K 911 27

    [This is an old version of the book so if you want to read a crappy story, go ahead. If you want to read this book that will be finished go to my account and check it out] This is the adventures of Rachelle 'Dixie' Grayson with her family and friends. And yes, I did say Rachelle 'Dixie' Grayson. In this story Robin w...

  • DC Comics Imagines *Editing*
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    "Love can come in many different forms, but who said it belonged to a certain race? If you truly do love someone, then things like race and appearance shouldn't matter. We all are fighting for something to spark inside of us and show us what we're really made of. Doesn't matter where you come from, but what you do tha...

  • Acceptance
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    BatFamily fanfic