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  • Life As a Beta's Mate: Sawyer's Regret
    138K 7.3K 40

    Seven years has passed since the day that Sawyer Evans pushed his mate away, and though all that time, not a day goes by where he hasn't felt the pure regret of turning Sage away. It took everything in him to watch from a distance as she slowly picked her life up and graduated from high school and moved on. In that ti...

  • Dried and Dying Roses (BWWM)
    859K 37.2K 66

    He reminded her of a tiger- no a lion- always ready to pounce, never thinking once about their prey. Once upon a time, she was that prey. He hated her. He stalked her. He wanted her. She wanted him. They wanted each other. She was the gazelle, the wounded zebra the herd left behind. In other words, there was no way...

    Completed   Mature
  • UNSEEN: Undone Realms Book 1
    1.2M 43.7K 47

    2014 WATTY WINNER!! (Collector's Dream Award for being one of the most want-to-read stories of 2014!). A Wattpad Featured story, and a Summer 2015 #WattpadBlockParty featured book! Undone Realms series: bk. 1 Out of countless realms in the multiverse, Clara is trapped in one that won't let her breathe. Her life con...