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    ❝ It's for the best I don't get close. ❞ Pessimistic, sarcastic, and cold. Mix those and you get Kim Jongin. One of the most highly sought after undercover agents in the world. Being an undercover agent isn't easy though, constantly switching identities and leaving his old one behind, never having the time to discove...

  • Saudade [KrisHo]
    8.1K 436 13

    [KrisHo] Kim Junmyeon is homeless. Taking refuge as a curator in one of Korea's fine art galleries, at his new-found-friend's advice he accepts a job as a muse for a photographer parched for inspiration and desperate for recognition. Wu Yifan. Maybe, just maybe, Junmyeon could be his ticket to success. Lessons lea...

  • Oh, Teacher Kim (A Kaisoo Fanfic)
    1.1M 45K 68

    It's a very common thing for a student to have on a teacher, and sometimes a teacher having a minor crush on a student isn't so rare either. It only happens when one innocent study session between teacher Kim Jongin and student Do Kyungsoo and a stormy night to screw things up for them, let their feelings out. Diving...

  • Oh, Baby Kim (A Kaisoo Fanfic, Sequel to Oh, Teacher Kim)
    538K 20.8K 81

    They started off as teacher and student, they then moved to lovers. It only took three tests, pregnancy tests, to reveal the fact that Kyungsoo had a condition which allowed him to get pregnant. Unluckily though, the baby he carried was the product of his and Jongin's very, very, first night of them being lovers. Ever...

  • Oh, The Kims (Kaisoo One Shots/Drabbles)
    925K 34.1K 201

    It all started out as a teacher and student relationship, feelings unsaid until thunder and lightning shook the boundaries and put them to the test. Four weeks later at Minseok and Jongdae's wedding was where their future was dealt out like a pack of cards. Two blue lines held what lied ahead of Do Kyungsoo and Kim Jo...

  • Flower Boy | YoonSeok
    958K 66.7K 46

    "Roses are red, violets are blue-" "Violets are purple, believe me I would know."