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  • Creating a Dream
    130 15 10

    Groundswell was the starting point for Three Days Grace. It all started with five guys in high school hoping to make it big one day. Kalie and her best friends, Becca and Jessie, go to the same school as them. They also have a band to rival against Groundswell. As the guys and girls go head to head in a band face off...

  • Give Me A Sign ✧ Benjamin Burnley/Breaking Benjamin
    9.3K 527 20

    𝐆𝐈𝐕𝐄 𝐌𝐄 𝐀 𝐒𝐈𝐆𝐍. ❛ i'll keep you alive, if you show me the way. ❜ Twenty-two year old Makayla Edwards knows that her peer, Benjamin Burnley, isn't "weird". He just liked expressing himself in a way that other students of the small college she attends doesn't understand. But her popular counterparts don't lis...

  • Monophobia ཉ MikaYuu
    50.7K 3.1K 25

    Flashing lights, roaring chants, millions of hands reaching out to grab him- he is exhausted of it all. They claim to want it, they claim they'll take care of it, they claim that they have the money to purchase it- but, really, it's not that he is spending restless nights thinking of. It is the lack of humanity they p...

  • Great Sinner Queen [Death and the Maiden, #2]
    103K 7.6K 31

    The Bride of Death returns in the sequel to Little Saint Bride... HECATE'S CURSE IS LOOMING. Nerissa has been reunited with Nathaniel, her brother, but at a cost: Mercer has been taken captive by Hecate, her nemesis, and solving the mysteries of Nate's death has revealed a huge secret regarding the twins. SPRING HAS...

  • Runaways [MikaYuu]
    99.4K 6.8K 31

    Yuichiro Ichinose thinks life isn't that significant. As the soon-to-be prince of Drelacia, his days consist of making the best possible grades in school, obeying his parents' every wish, and living in the shadows. To Yuu, all he can do is sit up, shut up, and don't speak unless spoken to. Yuu is sick of royalty lif...

  • •Flesh & Bone•
    9.3K 519 15

    Death is my best friend.

  • the animals we have become
    7K 316 52

    The story of seven mutants, three have wings, six shift into wolves,told from one mutants point of view, Rain and her friend maya are hiding their wings from the world, but their world changes when they go to an Adam Gontier solo concert, Rain gets re united with old friends and her boyfriend, she meets a mutant that...

  • Mikayuu Hell
    26.8K 1.1K 23

    Welcome to Mikayuu Hell. Enjoy your stay~!

  • Young Gontier
    561 50 7

    Adam Gontier was 19 when Three Days Grace was formed. Before the man, there was the boy. Adam at 15. This is his story. Four years of hell, heartbreak, and enduring hope in small-town Canada to transform Adam into the vocalist we love. Oh yes boys and girls, we're going back to the 90s.