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  • Paper Cuts
    433 74 7

    ❝Everybody has fears; her was losing him.❞ Highest Rank: #715 in Mystery/Thriller. All rights reserved. ©2016 | Ephemeralhalcyon.

  • Fake Smiles (On hold)
    323 46 4

    ❝It wasn't the way you looked at me but your eyes, long after I walked away.❞ XXXX Highest Rank: #879 in Short Story All rights reserved. ©2016

  • Target (Late 2015)
    908 28 1

    Some people say that childhood memories are to be cherished. They should be something that you can look back on in life and hope that one day your own child would be just as happy as you were. But what if your memories are dark, cruel and unworthy for any innocent child to be tainted by.

  • Story Shoutouts/Promotions 3
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    #612 in Teen Fiction. DO YOU WANT OTHERS TO READ YOUR BOOK? I help advertise your book so that you can make it more well known on Wattpad. Also I help you gain followers.

  • Best friend, I love you [Slow Updates]
    2.2K 284 6

    They say the bond between a human and their familiar is one of the deepest connections possible, where even words become unnecessary. Meet Cameron and Bailey. Two best friends tied together with memories and love, for as long as they can remember. Cameron, a wild card, hops from girl to girl, trying to find the other...

  • His Presence: Forbidden Love [Slow Updates]
    1.7K 299 6

    How powerful is destiny between two souls? A painful truth that Lily experiences as a college student caught up in her books, unable to realize the consequences of falling in love. Time stops for her when she meets Jacob, a mysterious young man returning from war. Noble, handsome, intelligent, he captures her heart. A...

  • The Mate Rejected
    3.9K 199 3

    Scared by a traumatic past Sahara’s damaged life becomes blissful when she finally discovers her mate. Overjoyed with finding her savour Sahara cannot help but let her guard down. But what happens when her mate is repulsed with what she is, of how weak she is compared to his powerful presence. Undeserving of him, her...

  • Facing His Fear (The Fear Series, #3)
    795 40 1

    Elle & Ethan's Story. This is part of a series but can be read as a standalone. Expected publication 2016

  • Bad Boy Fear (The Fear Series, #2)
    17.9K 184 3

    Riley & Ashley's story (#243 in ChickLit) When people say the word Bad Boy I always have a tidal wave of emotions that wash over me. First there's loathing. I loath how visual their false traps are. The traps that ensnare innocents but the girl never knows any better, doesn't realise she's being hunted. Next comes hat...

  • The Fear List (The Fear Series, #1) ON HOLD
    83.7K 4.2K 29

    ( #249 ChickLit ) Sometimes, a mistake is all it takes... Shy girl Molly and bad boy Ren live in two separate worlds. She lives precariously, avoiding mistakes that haunt her past, while he flaunts the rules and lives on the edge. What happens when a bet causes their worlds to collide? Can Molly let go of her fears...