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  • My loved, and beyond (AkaKuro)(ShiKo)
    9.5K 594 26

    Yo! This story is an AkaKuro Fan Fiction so do enjoy ne~~ ##I do not own the characters in this story...## What happens to you when you're in a world where he killed you and you're reborn again to meet your past life destiny? And what if...he doesn't remember you? You don't remember him either. What will happen in...

  • My True Strength
    69.2K 1.6K 7

    I really wish I could show the real me but no matter what I have to hold back on everything. I never told anybody not even my closest friends or my teammates, they always thought of me as weak that no matter what I did it won't help me on defeating them, that I had to get stronger but they never knew nobody did only m...

  • Broken Bonds and Missing Phantoms
    82.1K 2K 6

    Kuroko No Basketball Kuroko no Basketball is not mine. Only the story plot. picture not mine either Losing the inter high meant the end for the Seirin team. So they couldn't lose. They will not lose. Yet they did. They lost. Kuroko's passes couldn't go through and were all intercepted. Each intercept ended in a basket...

  • Angel Realm (Kuroko no Basket)
    39.1K 1.5K 19

    Kuroko Tetsuya was always told that he was a lower rank angel. Now he goes to school to learn. Will his low presence even be noticed by five people?

  • kuroko...neko?! (knb)
    58.7K 1.4K 6

    kuroko woke up with a cat ears and a tail?!

  • Neko Kuroko Tetsuya (Kuroko no Basuke)
    199K 6.4K 11

    Kuroko turns into a cat. GoM somewhat gathers. All hell break loose. -Completed- ♡Kuroko no Basuke is not Mine♡ ♤Plot is mine♤ ♢Cover art is mine♢ ♧Neko!Kuroko♧

  • Baby Kuroko-kun
    106K 3.2K 11

  • Slipping Away (KnB fanfiction)
    185K 5.8K 42

    Their friendship last eversince Winter Cup ended and now, they made a promise to have a match again in National. However when Seirin fought Kaijo, suddenly a certain bluenette fall to the ground trashing and struggling. The next thing they knew the bluenette have stop breathing. What happen to him and what will happen...

  • daytime shadow
    138K 5.1K 39

    kuroko was always left out. forgotten. ignored? although things change drastically when kuroko starts his first year at middle school. he meets some strange people in his class, do they change his life for better? or worse? ~~read to find out~~ I don't own the character or the anime " kuroko no basuke,". Or any art o...

  • Secrets (Kuroko no basket)
    46.1K 1.4K 20

    what if the shy, emotionless, weak looking kuroko that played basketball in seiren was actually an agent in a top secret agency known as A.O.S.E? what if it is revealed to the GoM and his former light Kagami Taiga in seiren? will they be able to handle his secret? will thay help him in anyway possible? will they help...

  • Spiderman the new Avenger
    139K 4K 16

    (In this story Pietro is alive and he is apart of the avengers with Wanda. Loki is also an avenger in this fan fic.) Spiderman has been all over the news after defeating Electro and the Goblin. Defeating them caused a part of him to die. Gwen lost her life for the sake of the city. Fury has seen all of thi...

  • A Teen's Journey to Jesus
    282 22 3

    Calum was just a normal kid. Sort of. His parents were rich. Super rich. But they were also divorced. And because of that, he was pretty depressed. He didn't believe in God, because he thinks it was his fault his life was terrible. Then he meets Malena. She was Christian. Happy and carefree, even though her parents...

  • DeFrosted
    401K 13.6K 66

    Keeping cool during the heat of the summer, Jack Frost is content "chilling out" in the constantly snowy Ice mountains of northern Russia. A patch of land once known as Arendale over a thousand years ago. He stumbles upon a beautiful girl, unconscious and frozen in an icy tomb. Meanwhile, a thousand years prior, the c...

  • Magic Bullet Kyuubi
    8.6K 507 14

    A little series I'm going to do because I've waited long enough to write this. I hope you enjoy and drop a comment below etc. Etc.

  • Naruto road of greatness
    28.6K 827 3

    "I do not own naruto or any of its characters." Naruto meet's kuubi during his sixth birthday and offers to train him. Later gains dojutsu powerful than sharingan, bakugan and renningan combined. And other bloodlines as well. There is going to be sakura,sasuke and civilian council bashing.

  • Second chances
    75K 2.5K 18

    Naruto is dying thanks to Sasuke and the only way to stop this is to go back to the past.....

  • Naruto: Rise Of A Legend
    228K 4.2K 17

    Naruto gets banished after he returns Sasuke to Konoha. His friends betray him and he is forced to leave and never come back, not that he would want to anyways... Naruto goes on a quest to become the strongest ninja in history, and during his voyage he makes friends and foes, both dangerous and good. A new enemy arise...

  • Prodigy of Prodigies
    1.4K 59 1

    Naruto Uzumaki Namizake shows the world that he is the Prodigy of The world!

  • The Merciless Fox Child
    181K 7.3K 30

    Because of a near death experience with some if the villagers, Naruto discovered Kyuubi at a young age and began training under him. Later, he is known as Kitsune, the merciless fox child of the ANBU. Now, he is about to face the biggest challenge of his life: becoming a genin on a team with a brooding avenger, a pink...

  • To be left... To be insult... To be alone..
    70.8K 2K 5

    This is a story about Naruto when he was a kid and no one care enough to look and see that he wasn't a happy go lucky kid. A story about a who wants someone anyone to show him something other then hate from the villagers. Will someone show him love or will he become the demon the village thinks he is? He dose have ano...

  • Saving Them [Naruto] time travel
    27.9K 691 6

    Six years of peace, and then war came back to slap them in the face. With everything gone and the trickle of time in his grasp, Kurama turned time and change everything. Timetravel

  • Protector of the forest (Naruto Fanfiction)
    195K 7.2K 9

    Just outside the border of Konoha was a forest were a boy of 12 lived. He is the protector of the forest, he lives there with all the animals and foxes as well as his guardian, the kyuubi. One day team 7 goes in that forest on a mission and met with the little fox boy called Naruto. What will happen now? Will team 7 g...

  • The Duo Team (Naruto fanfiction)
    112K 4K 7

    Madaras' plan worked the world was officially over. However the guardian of earth wasnt gonna sit back and do nothing so in a last ditch effort he sent THE Duo back in time. Someone that he knew would be able to get the job done. It's to bad they dont get a say in the matter. Disclaimer:Don't own Naruto or anything el...

  • The Blonde Unorthodox
    54.1K 2.2K 5

    ( A Naruto Fanfiction ) We all know that Uzumaki Naruto is "The Savior of this World", but when he was younger he was NOWHERE near that. What if he was the complete opposite though? What if he wasn't as young, unskilled, stupid, and brash as everyone thought he was? Details: Minato-like Naruto, Smart Naruto, some S...

  • Cursed Naruto
    7.8K 388 7

    Naruto being cursed from young age has been diffrend from everyone. As he learned to control his new powers he became more emotional than others since he can't always control himself. What are his new powers, come read and find out.

  • Change the past for a better future (naruto)
    1.2K 42 1

    The war has been won but for a big price, Naruto goes back in time to change the future, will he succeed or will the result be worse than first

  • The Beginning of the End (Naruto Fanfiction)
    61K 1K 29

    Welcome to my new book : THE BEGINNING OF THE END. This is a Shippuden Fanfic that begins right after the Five Kage Summit. I added my own twist to it; adding and taking out a few things. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I've had actually writing it. Just sit back and have fun :)

  • I Was Never Love There
    74.7K 1.7K 3

    This a story about Naruto brought back Sasuke for Sakura just like he promises her he would. When he got there the Konoha council told him that he was banished for the village by the Hokage for hurting Sasuke when he brought him back. What will everyone who is close to Naruto do when they find out that Naruto is gone...

  • Achieving or Breaking (KNB story)
    283K 7.5K 30

    The GOM left Kuroko like a broken toy. 5 years later Kuroko was joying his normal life until he see the people he wasn't suspected to see.